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Agency Codes

# National Water Information System
# 2024/07/22
# Date Retrieved: USGS Water Data for the Nation Help System
agency_cd	party_nm
5s	64s
AK001	Alaska Department of Transportation and Public Facilities
AK002	Alaska Department of Environmental Conservation
AK004	Alaska Department of Natural Resources (DNR)
AK008	Alaska Department of Fish and Game
AK010	Alaska DNR, Division of Land and Water Management
AK011	Alaska DNR, Division of Geological and Geophysical Surveys
AL001	Alabama Geological Survey
AL002	Alabama Water Improvement Commission
AL003	Auburn University Water Resources Research Institute, AL
AL006	Alabama State Highway Department
AL012	Alabama Office of Water Resources
AR001	Arkansas Dept of Health, Bureau of Environmental Engineering
AR004	Arkansas Geological Survey
AR008	Arkansas Natural Resources Commission
AR019	International Paper-Pine Bluff, AR
AR025	Union County Conservation District, AR
ASCE	American Society of Civil Engineers
AWRA	American Water Resources Association
AYRES	Ayres Associates
AZ001	University of Arizona, Water Resources Research Center
AZ002	Roosevelt Irrigation District, AZ
AZ003	Arizona Game and Fish Department
AZ004	Maricopa County Municipal Water Conservation District #1, AZ
AZ005	Gila Water Commissioner, AZ
AZ006	Salt River Valley Water Users Association, AZ
AZ007	Arizona Department of Health
AZ008	Central Arizona Project
AZ009	Arizona Department of Environmental Quality
AZ010	Arizona Corporation Commission
AZ011	Salt River Project, AZ
AZ012	Wellton-Mohawk Irrigation & Drainage District, AZ
AZ013	City of Tucson Water and Sewer Department, AZ
AZ014	Arizona Department of Water Resources
AZ015	Motorola Aerial Remote Sensing, Inc., AZ
AZ017	Arizona Department of Transportation
AZ021	Arizona State University
AZ044	US Water Conservation Laboratory, AZ
AZ047	Southwest Rangeland Watershed, AZ
AZ052	Arizona State Land Department
AZ056	Maricopa County Flood Control District, AZ
AZ063	Northern Arizona University
AZ070	Pima County Flood Control District, AZ
AZ080	University of Arizona
AZ100	Arizona Geological Survey
AZ112	Colorado River Indian Tribes, AZ
AZ115	Havasupai Tribe, AZ
AZ116	City of Flagstaff, AZ
AZ117	City of Williams, AZ
AZ118	Valle Water Users Association, AZ
AZ119	Tusayan Water Users Association, AZ
AZ120	Yuma County Water Users Association, AZ
AZ121	Fort Mojave Indian Tribes, AZ
AZ122	Phelps Dodge, AZ
AZ123	Freeport-McMoRan Inc., AZ
AZ124	US Indian Health Service, AZ
AZ125	Arizona Testing Laboratories
AZ126	Mohave Valley Irrigation and Drainage District, AZ
CA001	California Department of Water Resources
CA002	San-Lo Aerial Surveys Inc, CA
CA003	Palmdale Water District, CA
CA004	City of Oceanside, CA
CA005	Los Angeles County Flood Control District, CA
CA006	Alameda County Water District, CA
CA007	City of Buellton, CA
CA008	Whitewater Mutual Water Company, CA
CA009	California State Water Resources Control Board
CA011	Phelan Pinyon Hills Community Services District, CA
CA012	City of Morgan Hill, CA
CA013	City of Arcata, CA
CA014	Smith River CSD, CA
CA015	Coachella Valley County Water District, CA
CA016	Ventura County Flood Control District, CA
CA017	Shaver Lake Heights Property Assoc., CA
CA018	Imperial County Department of Public Works, CA
CA020	Turlock Irrigation District, CA
CA025	East Bay Municipal Utility District, CA
CA026	Modesto Irrigation District, CA
CA036	Buena Vista Water Storage District, CA
CA039	Monterey County Flood Control & Water Conservation District, CA
CA040	San Luis Obispo Cnty Flood Control & Water Conservation Dist, CA
CA042	Santa Barbara County Flood Control & Water Conservation Dist, CA
CA043	Metropolitan Water District of Southern California
CA045	North Marin County Water District, CA
CA047	Alameda County Flood Control & Water Conservation District, CA
CA048	Santa Clara Valley Water District, CA
CA049	Tule Irrigation District, CA
CA051	Los Angeles City Department of Water and Power, CA
CA052	Desert Water Agency, CA
CA057	Riverside County Flood Control & Water Conservation District, CA
CA065	Pacific Gas and Electric Company, CA
CA066	Southern California Edison Company, CA
CA087	Napa County Flood Control & Water Conservation District, CA
CA088	San Diego County Health Department, CA
CA092	San Luis Obispo County Health Agency, CA
CA093	Monterey County Health Department, CA
CA098	Humboldt-Del Norte County Public Health Department, CA
CA105	University of California, Berkeley-Lawrence Livermore Lab
CA111	California Department of Health
CA114	Central Coast Region, CA Regional Water Quality Control Board
CA116	Central Valley Region, CA Regional Water Quality Control Board
CA154	Wheeler Ridge-Maricopa Water Storage District, CA
CA155	North Kern Water Storage District, CA
CA160	Fresno County Department of Health, CA
CA161	Fresno City Department of Public Works, CA
CA163	San Joaquin County Department of Public Works, CA
CA166	Kern County Water Agency, CA
CA174	Foster Farms (Delhi), CA
CA175	Stanislaus County Department of Environmental Resources, CA
CA176	Pacific Fibreboard, CA
CA177	Selma-Kingsburg-Fowler Sanitation District, CA
CA178	F.M.C. Corporation, CA
CA179	Arvin-Edison Water Storage District, CA
CA186	Soquel Creek County Water District, CA
CA188	Sacramento Municipal Utility District, CA
CA208	City of San Diego Water Utilities Department, CA
CA217	Santa Margarita Water District, CA
CA220	Yucaipa Valley County Water District, CA
CA226	San Francisco Water District, CA
CA235	California-American Water Company, CA
CA239	San Lorenzo Valley County Water District, CA
CA241	California Water Service Company
CA244	Coastside County Water Department, CA
CA251	City of Dos Palos, CA
CA335	Sonoma County Water Agency, CA
CA338	Envirosphere Company, CA
CA351	Benchmark Photography, CA
CA381	Mojave Water Agency, CA
CA397	Santa Maria Valley Water Conservation District, CA
CA400	Sacramento Suburban Water District, Sacramento, CA
CA551	City of Santa Barbara, CA
CA552	City of Lompoc, CA
CA553	Water Replenishment District of Southern California
CA555	San Gorgonio Pass Water Agency, CA
CA557	Los Angeles County Sanitation Districts, CA
CA558	Palo Verde Irrigation District, CA
CA563	Riverside County Waste Management Department, CA
CA564	Victor Valley Water District, Victorville, CA
CA565	Hesperia Water District, CA
CA566	Southern California Water, San Bernardino
CA567	Twentynine Palms Water District, CA
CA568	Bighorn-Desert View Water Agency, Yucca Valley, CA
CA569	High Desert Water District, Yucca Valley, CA
CA570	Sheep Creek Water Company, Phelan, CA
CA571	City of Adelanto, CA
CA572	Apple Valley Ranchos Water District, Apple Valley, CA
CA573	Joshua Basin Water District, Joshua Tree, CA
CA574	Imperial Irrigation District, CA
CA575	Glamis Imperial Inc., CA
CA576	Borrego Water District, Borrego Springs, CA
CA578	San Luis and Delta-Mendota Water Authority, Byron, CA
CA579	Western Heights Water Company, Yucaipa, CA
CA582	Luhdorff and Scalmanini Consulting Engineers, CA
CA583	Karuk Tribe, CA
CA584	Yurok Tribe of the Yurok Reservation, CA
CAX01	Inland Waters Directorate, Water Resources Bureau, Canada
CAX11	Environment Canada, Inland Waters Directorate
CGWU	Carroll Groundwater Users, KY
CO001	Denver Water Department, CO
CO002	Colorado Division of Water Resources, Office of State Engineer
CO003	City of Colorado Springs Water Division, CO
CO004	Boulder City-County Health Department, CO
CO005	Pueblo Board of Water Works, CO
CO006	Colorado Department of Natural Resources
CO008	Metropolitan Denver Sewage Disposal District #1, CO
CO012	Pikes Peak Area Council of Governments, CO
CO020	Colorado Department of Highways
CO025	Rio Grande Water Conservancy District, CO
CO026	Cherokee Water District, CO
CO034	Colorado Geological Survey
CO040	EPA Region 8, CO
CO046	Colorado State University
CO052	Arkansas River Compact Administration, CO
CO054	City of Aurora, CO
CO153	Upper Clear Creek Advisory Group, CO
CT001	Connecticut Dept of Energy and Environmental Protection-CT DEEP
CT005	University of Connecticut
DC001	District of Columbia Department of Environmental Services
DE001	Delaware Geological Survey
DE002	Delaware Department of Natural Resources & Environmental Control
DE005	Delaware Department of Transportation
DMI	Dames & Moore, Inc
DRBC	Delaware River Basin Commission
EERCI	Energy Environmental Resource Consultants, Inc
FL001	Bureau of Geology, Florida Department of Natural Resources
FL002	Florida Department of Transportation
FL005	South Florida Water Management District
FL007	Southwest Florida Water Management District
FL016	Dade County, FL
FL022	Lee County, FL
FL030	Volusia County, FL
FL039	City of Jacksonville Water Conservation, FL
FL043	City of Pensacola, FL
FL051	Florida Department of Environmental Regulation
FL069	Sarasota County Public Works, FL
FL083	Northwest Florida Water Management District
FL084	Suwannee River Water Management District, FL
FL085	St. Johns River Water Management District, FL
FL117	Univ of Miami-Rosenstiel School of Marine & Atmospheric Sci., FL
FL121	University of Miami, FL
FL124	Auburn University, FL
FL125	Florida Department of Health & Rehabilitative Services
FL128	University of Florida
FL129	Florida Keys Aqueduct Authority
FL130	Florida Geological Survey
FL220	Tampa Bay Water, FL
FL221	Alachua County Department of Environmental Protection, FL
FL222	Pinellas County, FL
GA009	Environmental Protection Div, Georgia Dept of Natural Resources
GA025	City of Brunswick, GA
GA027	Albany Water, Gas, and Light Commission, GA
GA028	Covia Holdings Corporation, GA
GA029	Augusta Sulfate Company LLC, GA
GQ012	Guam Environmental Protection Agency
HI001	Honolulu Board of Water Supply, HI
HI003	County of Maui Department of Water Supply, HI
HI007	HI Dept of Land & Natural Resources, Div of Water & Land Dev
HI021	HI Dept of Land & Natural Resources, Div of Aquatic Resources
HI022	Norman Saito Engineering Consultant Inc, HI
HI023	Wailuku Sugar Company, HI
HI024	Pioneer Mill Company, HI
HI025	HI Dept of Land & Natural Resources, Comm on Water Resource Mgt
HI026	Hawaiian Commercial & Sugar Company, HI
HI027	Department of Water Supply, County of Maui, HI
HI028	Hawaii State Department of Health
IA001	State Hygienic Laboratory, University of Iowa
IA004	Fond du Lac Band of Lake Superior Chippewa, MN
IA004	Iowa State University, Ames, IA
IA005	Department of Civil Engineering, University of Iowa
IA018	Iowa Geological Survey, Iowa City
IA021	Iowa Department of Water, Air, and Waste Management
IA022	City of Anamosa, IA
IA023	City of Fayette, IA
IA024	City of New Hampton, IA
IA025	City of New Sharon, IA
IA026	City of Ogden, IA
IA027	City of Villisca, IA
IA028	City of Vinton, IA
IA029	City of Waukon, IA
IA030	City of West Liberty, IA
IA031	City of Worthington, IA
IA032	University of Iowa, Iowa City, IA
ID001	Idaho Department of Water Resources
ID002	Idaho Fish and Game Department
ID003	Water Resources Research Institute, University of Idaho
ID004	Idaho Department of Health and Welfare
ID011	Idaho Bureau of Mines and Geology
IL001	Illinois Department of Public Health
IL002	Metropolitan Water Reclamation District of Greater Chicago, IL
IL003	Illinois State Water Survey
IL004	Illinois Department of Transportation
IL006	State of Illinois Environmental Protection Agency
IL010	Illinois Natural History Survey
IL019	Illinois Department of Agriculture
IL028	Illinois State Geological Survey
IL032	Illinois Water Resources Division
IL038	Northern Illinois University
IL040	EPA Region 5, IL
IL044	Southern Illinois University at Carbondale
IL045	University of Illinois
IL048	US Forest Service, Midewin National Tallgrass Prairie, IL
IL049	McHenry County, Illinois Water Resources Department
IL050	AECOM, Inc, IL
IL051	City of Bushnell, IL
IL052	City of Farmington, IL
IL053	City of Galena, IL
IL054	City of Kewanee, IL
IL055	City of Milan, IL
IL056	City of Monmouth, IL
IL057	City of Toluca, IL
IL058	City of Western Springs, IL
IN002	Indiana Department of Natural Resources
IN014	Indiana University-Northwest Lab for Environmental Research
IN015	Indiana Geological Survey
IN018	Conservation Tillage Information Center, IN
IN021	Ball State University, IN
IN032	Indiana Department of Transportation
IN033	IN Dept Env Mngmt, Drinking Water Bureau, Groundwater Section
IN038	Indiana Univ-School of Public and Environmental Affairs (SPEA)
IN039	LaPorte County Health Department, IN
IN040	ATC Associates Inc, IN
IN041	Peerless-Midwest Inc, IN
IN042	USX Corporation, IN
KS001	Kansas Department of Health and Environment
KS003	Division of Water Resources, Kansas State Board of Agriculture
KS009	Kansas Water Office
KS014	Kansas Geological Survey
KS015	City of Wichita, KS
KS016	Western Kansas Groundwater Management District No. 1
KS017	Equus Beds Groundwater Management District No. 2, KS
KS018	Southwest Kansas Groundwater Management District No. 3
KS019	Northwest Kansas Groundwater Management District No. 4
KS020	Big Bend Groundwater Management District No. 5, KS
KY001	KY Department for Natural Resources & Environmental Protection
KY002	Kentucky Geological Survey, University of Kentucky
KY003	Div of Sanitation Engineering, Kentucky Dept of Human Resources
KY004	Louisville Water Company, KY
LA002	Louisiana State Department of Health and Hospitals
LA014	Louisiana Department of Transportation & Development
LA015	Parish of East Baton Rouge-Engineering Division, LA
LA017	Louisiana Coastal Commission
LA018	Louisiana Department of Natural Resources
LASD	NAWQA National VOC Quality Assurance Studies
LASD	Laboratory and Analytical Services Division
LOX01	Imperial College of Science and Technology, London, England
MA003	Massachusetts Division of Water Pollution Control
MA007	Barnstable County Department of Health and Environment, MA
MA031	Cape Cod Commission, MA
MA032	Martha's Vineyard Commission, MA
MA033	Nantucket Land Council, MA
MA034	University of Massachusetts Department of Geosciences
MA035	Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection
MA036	Massachusetts DCR, Division of Water Supply Protection
MA037	Massachusetts DCR, Office of Water Resources
MD004	Montgomery County Department of Environmental Protection, MD
MD006	Maryland Geological Survey
MD007	Maryland Department of the Environment (MDE)
MD008	Baltimore County Office of Planning and Zoning, MD
MD030	Maryland University-Center for Environmental & Estuarine Studies
MD032	Maryland Department of Health and Mental Hygiene
MD058	Maryland Department of the Environment, Water Use Conveyance
MD059	Audubon Mid-Atlantic
ME001	Maine Department of Environmental Protection
ME002	Maine Geological Survey
ME005	Maine Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife
ME008	Maine Department of Transportation
MI001	Michigan Department of Natural Resources
MI002	Michigan State University
MI011	Michigan Department of State Highways and Transportation
MI015	Stereo Foto, Inc, MI
MI021	Michigan Geological Survey
MI032	Tri-County Regional Planning Commission, MI
MI041	Clinton River Watershed Council, MI
MI045	Huron River Watershed Council, MI
MI056	Huron County Health Department, MI
MI057	Monroe County Health Department, MI
MI061	Huron Conservation District, MI
MI066	City of Portage, MI
MI086	Kalamazoo County, MI
MI087	Department of Environmental Quality (MDEQ), MI
MN003	Minnesota Department of Natural Resources
MN005	Ramsey County Environmental Service, MN
MN012	Minnesota Pollution Control Agency
MN019	Minnesota Health Department
MN021	Metropolitan Council of the Twin Cities Area, MN
MN022	Minnesota Department of Natural Resources Division of Waters
MN028	Minnesota Soil and Water Conservation Board
MN039	Lower Sioux Indian Community, MN
MN039	Bemidji State University, MN
MN040	Minnesota Geological Survey
MN045	Upper Sioux Community, MN
MN045	Fond du Lac Band of Lake Superior Chippewa, MN
MN046	Lower Sioux Indian Community, MN
MN046	Lower Sioux Indian Community, MN
MN047	Oklahoma Department of Environmental Quality
MN047	Upper Sioux Community, MN
MN048	Dakota County Environmental Management, MN
MN049	Rochester Public Utility (RPU), MN
MN050	Prairie Island Indian Community, MN
MO001	Missouri Department of Health
MO005	Missouri Div. of Geology & Land Survey, Dept-Natural Resources
MO011	Burns and McDonnell, MO
MO017	EPA Region 7, MO
MO021	Missouri Public Drinking Water Program
MO022	Southeast Missouri Regional Water District
MO023	City of Coffey, MO
MO024	City of McKittrick, MO
MS003	Pearl River Valley Water Supply District, MS
MS007	MS Dept. of Environmental Quality, Office of Pollution Control
MS008	Mississippi Bureau of Land and Water Resources
MS018	Yazoo Mississippi Delta Joint Water Management District, MS
MT001	Montana Department of Fish, Wildlife & Parks
MT002	Fort Peck Tribes, MT
MT003	Montana Department of Health and Environmental Sciences
MT004	Montana Department of Natural Resources and Conservation
MT005	Montana Bureau of Mines and Geology
MT006	Northern Cheyenne Tribe, MT
MT007	Montana Department of Transportation
MT008	Lewis and Clark County Water Quality Protection District, MT
MT013	Land Management Bureau Montana District
MT014	Montana Natural Resources & Conservation Department
MT014	Blackfeet Nation of Montana
NASA	National Aeronautics and Space Administration
NC001	Bald Head Island Conservancy and Smith Island Land Trust, NC
NC004	NC Department of Natural Resources and Community Development
NC016	North Carolina Water Resources Research Institute
NC018	North Carolina State University
NC027	North Carolina Department of Natural Resources
NC028	Elizabeth City State University, NC
NC030	City of Jacksonville, NC
NC031	USMC Camp Lejeune, NC
NC032	Onslow Water and Sewer Authority, NC
NC033	NC Department of Environmental Quality
NC035	Wake County Environmental Services, NC
NC036	Town of Pollocksville, NC
NC037	North Carolina Department of Public Safety
ND001	North Dakota Game and Fish Department
ND002	North Dakota State Department of Health
ND003	Minot City Water Treatment Plant, ND
ND004	City of Bismarck Water Department, ND
ND005	City of Dickinson Water Treatment Plant, ND
ND007	North Dakota Geological Survey
ND009	North Dakota State Water Commission
ND010	Water Resources Research Institute-North Dakota State University
ND012	Energy Department Grand Forks Energy Technology Center, ND
NE001	Nebraska Game and Parks Commission
NE004	Soil and Water Testing Lab, University of Nebraska
NE006	Nebraska Natural Resources Commission
NE008	University of Nebraska, Conservation and Survey Division
NE009	Nebraska Department of Roads
NE010	Nebraska Department of Water Resources
NE013	Nebraska Conservation and Survey Division
NE021	Central Platte Natural Resources District, NE
NE022	Lower Republican Natural Resources District, NE
NE023	Twin Platte Natural Resources District, NE
NE024	Upper Loup Natural Resources District, NE
NE025	Little Blue Natural Resources District, NE
NE031	Upper Big Blue Natural Resources District, NE
NE032	Lower Big Blue Natural Resources District, NE
NE033	Lower Platte North Natural Resources District, NE
NE034	Lower Platte South Natural Resources District, NE
NE035	Papio-Missouri River Natural Resources District, NE
NE036	Tri-Basin Natural Resources District, NE
NE037	Nemaha Natural Resources District, NE
NE038	North Platte Natural Resources District, NE
NE039	South Platte Natural Resources District, NE
NE040	Upper Niobrara-White Natural Resources District, NE
NE041	Middle Niobrara Natural Resources District, NE
NE042	Lower Niobrara Natural Resources District, NE
NE043	Upper Republican Natural Resources District, NE
NE044	Middle Republican Natural Resources District, NE
NE045	Lewis and Clark Natural Resources District, NE
NE046	Lower Loup Natural Resources District, NE
NE047	Upper Elkhorn Natural Resources District, NE
NE048	Lower Elkhorn Natural Resources District, NE
NE049	Nebraska Public Power District
NE050	Central Nebraska Public Power and Irrigation District
NH001	Water Resources Research Center, University of New Hampshire
NH002	New Hampshire Water Supply and Pollution Control Commission
NH021	New Hampshire Department of Environmental Services
NIH	National Intstitutes of Health
NJ001	Passaic Valley Water Commission, NJ
NJ002	Division of Water Resources, NJ Dept of Environmental Protection
NM001	New Mexico State Engineers Office
NM002	New Mexico Health and Environment Department
NM003	New Mexico Institute of Mining and Technology
NM004	New Mexico Bureau of Geology, NMBG
NM005	Los Alamos Scientific Laboratory, NM
NM010	New Mexico Interstate Stream Commission
NM011	New Mexico Legislative Council Service
NM016	Environmental Improvement Division, NM
NM019	Elephant Butte Irrigation District, NM
NM022	Pecos Valley Artesian Conservation District, NM
NM030	Natural Resource Conservation System, NM
NM031	City of Rio Rancho Department of Public Works, NM
NM032	Sandia National Lab, NM
NM033	Kirkland Air Force Base, NM
NM034	City of Las Cruces, NM
NM036	Bernalillo County Public Works-Natural Resource Services, NM
NM037	Taos Soil and Water Conservation District, NM
NM038	Southern Ute Indian Tribe from Colorado
NM039	Green Analytical- Durango, CO
NNDWR	Navajo Nation Department of Water Resources, AZ
NRCS	Natural Resources Conservation Service
NV001	Nevada Division of Environmental Protection
NV002	Walker River Irrigation District, NV
NV003	Div-Water Resources, Nevada Dept-Conservation&Natural Resources
NV004	Roundhill General Improvement District, NV
NV005	Mission Support and Test Services, LLC (MSTS), NV
NV006	Southern California Edison Company, NV
NV007	Newmont Mining Corporation, NV
NV008	Nevada State Highway Department
NV012	Nevada Consumer Health Protection Service
NV013	Desert Research Institute, University of Nevada
NV017	Las Vegas Valley Water District, NV
NV018	Sierra Pacific Power Company, NV
NV024	Bechtel, NV
NV026	Carson City Department of Public Works, NV
NV035	Energy Department Nevada Operations Office
NV038	Nevada Water Resources Division
NV042	Fenix & Scisson, NV
NV045	Churchill County, NV
NV052	Pershing County Water Conservation District, NV
NV053	Harry Reid Center (HRC) for Environmental Studies, UNLV, NV
NV065	International Technology (IT) Corporation, NV
NV066	Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory (LLNL), NV
NV067	Los Alamos National Laboratory (LANL), NV
NV069	Nye Nclr Wst Repos Prj Off/Erly Wrning Drl Prgm (NWRPO/EWDP), NV
NV071	Reynolds Electrical and Engineering Company (REECO), NV
NV072	Shaw E&I, NV
NV073	Southern Nevada Water Authority (SNWA)
NV074	Stoller-Navarro, NV
NV079	Clark County, NV
NV081	Hawthorne Utilities-Water, Sewer, and Disposal, NV
NV082	Washoe County Department of Water Resources, NV
NV083	White Pine County Water Advisory Committee, NV
NV084	McGill-Ruth Consolidated Sewer & Water District, NV
NV085	Bald Mountain Mine - Placer Dome America, NV
NV086	Quadra Mining Ltd. - Robinson Operation, NV
NV087	Barrick Gold Corporation, NV
NV088	Eureka County, NV
NV089	Lander County, NV
NV090	Nye County, NV
NV091	US Ecology Nevada, Inc., NV
NV092	Holmes & Narver, Inc., NV
NV093	National Security Technologies LLC (NSTEC), NV
NV094	Raytheon Services Nevada
NV095	Second Nature Inc., NV
NV096	Lyon County, NV
NV097	Bently Agrowdynamics, NV
NV098	Navarro Nevada Environmental Services, LLC, NV
NV099	Central Nevada Regional Water Authority (CNRWA)
NV100	Mahannah and Associates, LLC, NV
NV101	Beatty Water & Sanitation District, NV
NV102	Truckee Meadows Water Authority (TMWA), NV
NV103	Navarro-Intera, LLC, NV
NV104	Navarro, NV
NV105	Nevada Department of Agriculture
NY001	New York State Department of Environmental Conservation
NY002	Division-Sanitation & Water Sup, Nassau County Public Supply, NY
NY011	Rennselaer Polytechnic Institute, NY
NY022	New York State Department of Health
NY043	New York Geological Survey
OH002	Miami Conservancy District, OH
OH004	Ohio Environmental Protection Agency
OH013	Heidelberg College, OH
OH015	Ohio Department of Natural Resources
OH044	Columbus Department of Public Service, OH
OH060	Ohio State University, Department of Agricultural Engineering
OK001	Oklahoma State Department of Health
OK002	Oklahoma Water Resources Board
OK003	Central Arizona Project
OK003	Oklahoma Department of Environmental Quality
OK005	Oklahoma State University, Department of Geology
OK011	Oklahoma Geological Survey
OK022	City of Ada, OK
OMORA	Omora Foundation of Tierra Del Fuego, Chile
OR001	Department of Forest Engineering, Oregon State University
OR002	Johnson Creek Watershed Council, OR
OR003	Douglas County Water Resources Survey, OR
OR004	Oregon Water Resources Department
OR005	WEST Consultants, Inc., OR
OR006	Portland General Electric Company, OR
OR028	City of Medford Engineering Department, OR
OR044	EPA Oregon Operations Office
OR046	Oregon Geology and Mineral Industries Department
OR049	Oregon Water Resources Research Institute
OR058	City of Portland, OR
OR059	Douglas County, OR
OR064	Confederated Tribes of the Umatilla Indian Reservation, OR
PA001	Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection
PA002	Montgomery County, PA
PA028	Pennsylvania Topographic and Geologic Survey Bureau
PA034	Pennsylvania Geological Survey
PA039	Susquenhanna River Basin Commission, PA
PA060	Adams County Conservation District, PA
PA061	Pike County Conservation District, PA
party	idagency_cd
QUOX0	McGill University-Subarctic Research Station, Quebec, Canada
RI002	Rhode Island Department of Environmental Management
RI007	Rhode Island Water Resources Board
RI013	Rhode Island Department of Health
RQ001	Puerto Rico Department of Health, PRDOH
RQ002	Puerto Rico Aqueduct and Sewer Authority, PRASA
RQ008	Puerto Rico Department of Natural Resources
RQ020	Puerto Rico Emergency Management Agency
RQ021	Servicio Nacional De Estudios Territoriales (SNET), ES
RQ022	Ins. Nacional Sismologia Vulcanologia Meteorologia Hidrologia,GT
RQ023	Ministere De L'Agriculture Des Ressources Naturell (MARNDR), HA
RQ024	Empresa Nacional De Energia Electrica (ENEE), HO
RQ025	Secretaria De Recursos Naturales Y Ambientales (SERNA), HO
RQ026	Comision De Control De Inundaciones Del Valle De Sula, PR
RQ027	Instituto Nicaraguense De Estudios Territoriales (INETER), NU
RQ028	St Lucia Ministry of Agriculture & Forestry Botanical Garden
RQ029	St Vicent Ministry of Agriculture & Forestry Botanical Garden
RQ030	Dominica Ministry of Agriculture & Forestry Botanical Garden
SC001	Agricultural Engineering Department, Clemson University, SC
SC004	South Carolina Department of Health and Environmental Control
SC008	South Carolina Water Resources Commission
SC009	Kershaw County Tax Assessor, SC
SD001	Water Resource Research Institute, South Dakota State University
SD002	East Dakota Conservancy Sub-District, SD
SD003	South Dakota Geological Survey
SD004	SD-RC, City of Rapid City, SD
SD005	South Dakota Department of Water and Natural Resources
SD008	South Dakota Department of Environmental Protection
SD009	South Dakota School of Mines and Technology
SD010	Soil Testing Lab, South Dakota State University
SD011	South Dakota State Chemist, University of South Dakota
SD012	Station Biochemistry, South Dakota State University
SD019	South Dakota State University-SD Agricultural Experiment Station
SHELL	Shell Oil Company
TEEI	Ten Ech Environmental Engineers, Inc
TN011	Oak Ridge National Laboratory, TN
TN017	Tennessee Department of Environment and Conservation
TX001	Texas Water Development Board
TX003	Texas Natural Resources Conservation Commission
TX006	Texas Department of Health
TX009	Railroad Commission of Texas
TX011	Texas Parks and Wildlife Department
TX038	San Antonio Water System, TX
TX057	Houston-Galveston Area Council, TX
TX071	Lower Colorado River Authority, TX
TX073	North Central Texas Municipal Water Authority
TX077	San Antonio River Authority, TX
TX078	San Jacinto River Authority, TX
TX087	Bistone Municipal Water Supply District, TX
TX101	Edwards Aquifer Conservation District, TX
TX120	Edwards Underground Water District, TX
TX123	Texarkana Water Utilities, TX
TX144	Bexar-Medina-Atascosa Water Control and Irr District No 1, TX
USA	U.S. Army
USAF	U.S. Air Force
USAHS	U.S. Army Health Services Command
USAID	U.S. Agency for International Development
USAPA	Alaska Power Administration
USARS	U.S. Agricultural Research Service
USBIA	U.S. Bureau of Indian Affairs
USBLM	U.S. Bureau of Land Management
USBM	U.S. Bureau of Mines
USBPA	Bonneville Power Administration
USBR	U.S. Bureau of Reclamation
USCE	U.S. Army Corps of Engineers
USCEQ	Council on Environmental Quality
USDA	U.S. Department of Agriculture
USDOC	U.S. Department of Commerce
USDOE	U.S. Department of Energy
USDOT	U.S. Department of Transportation
USEPA	U.S. Environmental Protection Agency
USESS	National Environmental Satellite Service
USFEC	Federal Energy Regulatory Commission
USFEM	Federal Emergency Management Agency
USFHA	Federal Highway Administration
USFS	U.S. Forest Service
USFWS	U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service
USGS	U.S. Geological Survey
USHEW	U.S. Department of Health, Education and Welfare
USHHS	U.S. Department of Health and Human Services
USIBW	International Boundary and Water Commission
USMC	U.S. Marine Corps
USN	U.S. Navy Department
USNFE	U.S. Naval Facilities Engineering Command
USNOA	National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration
USNOS	National Ocean Service
USNPS	National Park Service
USNWS	National Weather Service
USPCC	Panama Canal Commission
USSCS	U.S. Soil Conservation Service
USSEA	U.S. Society for Education Through Art
USSWP	Southwestern Power Administration
USTVA	Tennessee Valley Authority
USWRC	Water Resources Council
UT001	Utah Department of Health
UT002	Metropolitan Water District of Salt Lake and Sandy, UT
UT003	Utah Department of Natural Resources, Div. of Wildlife Resources
UT004	Jordan Valley Water Conservancy District, UT
UT006	Ogden Bay Waterfowl Management Area, UT
UT008	Utah Geological and Mineralogical Survey
UT010	Weber Distribution System, UT
UT013	Utah Department of Natural Resources, Division of Water Rights
UT029	Utah Department of Natural Resources, Division Water Resources
VA001	Virginia State Water Control Board
VA007	Virginia Department of Highways and Transportation
VA016	Bureau of Water Supply Engineering, VA
VA019	Virginia Health Department
VA038	City of Roanoke, VA
VA086	Frederick County Sanitation Authority, VA
VA087	Virginia Department of Environmental Quality
VOCNS	Wellton-Mohawk Irrigation & Drainage District, AZ
VOCNS	NAWQA National VOC Quality Assurance Studies
VT001	State of Vermont, Agency oF Environmental Conservation
VT002	Vermont Department of Health
VT004	Vermont Department of Water Resources
VT012	Vermont Agency of Natural Resources
WA001	Washington Department of Ecology
WA002	Public Utility District No 1, Skagit County, WA
WA003	Washington Department of Health
WA003	Washington Department of Health
WA004	Fisheries Research Institute, University of Washington
WA005	Environmental Engineering, Washington State University
WA013	Washington Water Power Company
WA022	Geohydrology Section, Washington State University
WA034	Washington State University, Department of Civil Engineering
WA050	Spokane County Engineers Office, WA
WA051	Walla Walla County Engineer, WA
WA052	Columbia River Gorge Commission, WA
WA053	City of Snohomish Director of Public Works, WA
WA054	City of Walla Walla, Engineering Division, WA
WA055	East Columbia Basin Irrigation District, WA
WA056	Energy Department Richland Operations Office, WA
WA057	EPA Region 10, WA
WA058	Forest Service Washington
WA059	National Park Service Pacific Northwest Region, WA
WA060	Pacific Northwest River Basins Commission, WA
WA061	Washington Code Reviser Office
WA062	Western Snow Conference, WA
WA063	R. W. Beck and Associates, WA
WA064	Libby Photographers, WA
WA080	Washington State Univ-State of Washington Water Resources Center
WA097	Yakima Tribal Council, WA
WA127	Washington State Department of Social and Health Services
WA169	City of Bainbridge Island, WA
WA170	Northwest Indian Fisheries Commission (NWIFC), WA
WA171	Spokane Community College, WA
WA172	Confederated Tribes of the Colville Reservation, WA
WI001	Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources
WI002	Waukesha Water Utility, WI
WI003	Portage County Planning and Zoning, WI
WI004	East Central Wisconsin Regional Planning Commission
WI005	Wisconsin State Laboratory of Hygiene
WI006	Wisconsin Public Service Commission
WI007	University of Wisconsin - Madison
WI008	Southeastern Wisconsin Regional Planning Commission
WI009	Wisconsin Geological and Natural History Survey
WI010	Dane County Regional Planning Commission, WI
WI011	Bay-Lake Regional Planning Commission, WI
WI012	Bad River Natural Resource Department, WI
WI013	Wisconsin Department of Administration
WI014	Wisconsin Department of Transportation
WI028	Wisconsin Department of Agriculture, Trade & Consumer Protection
WI029	Wisconsin Department of Health
WI030	Northwest Wisconsin Regional Planning Commission
WI034	University of Wisconsin - Stevens Point
WI039	Soei Sigurd Olson Environmental Institute(Northland College), WI
WI040	Grant County Land Conservation Department, WI
WI041	Green Lake Highway Department, WI
WI042	Markesan Water Utility, WI
WI043	Pepin County Land Conservation Department, WI
WI044	Waupaca County Highway Department, WI
WI045	Wausau Water Utility, WI
WV001	Division of Water Resources, West Virginia Dept of Nat Resources
WV002	Sanitary Engineering Division-West Virginia Department of Health
WY003	Wyoming State Engineer's Office
WY004	Wyoming Water Development Commission
WY006	Wyoming Department of Environmental Quality
WY014	Wyoming Department of Agriculture
WY015	City of Cheyenne Board of Public Utilities, WY
WY016	Teton Conservation District, WY