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Protocol Organization Codes

# National Water Information System
# 2021/04/22
# Date Retrieved: USGS Water Data for the Nation Help System
proto_org_cd	proto_org_nm	proto_org_fv_cd
8s	59s	5s
AK-CGL	Chemical and Geological Laboratories of Alaska	80203
AK-DEC	Alaska Department of Environmental Conservation	9815
AK-DFG	Alaska Department of Fish and Game	9814
AK-DGGS	Alaska Division of Geologic and Geophysical Surveys (DGGS)	80201
AK-HDL	Alaska State Health Department Laboratory	9702
AK-NTL	Northern Test Lab (Soldotna, Alaska)	80205
AK-PA	Alaska Power Administration	1062
AK-UA	University of Alaska	9906
AL-GS	Geological Survey of Alabama	80141
AL-HDL	Alabama State Health Department Laboratory	9701
AL-STLMB	Severn-Trent Laboratory - Mobile: Mobile, AL	80110
AL-TALMB	TestAmerica Labs - Mobile: Mobile, AL	
AR-DPCE	Arkansas Department of Pollution Control and Ecology	9827
AR-GC	Arkansas Geological Commission	80515
AR-GFC	Arkansas Game and Fish Commission	9828
AR-HDL	Arkansas State Health Department Laboratory	9705
AR-OBU	Ouachita Baptist University, Arkadelphia, Arkansas	80501
AR-UARE	University of Arkansas, Dept. of Engineering, Fayetteville	80503
AR-UARG	University of Arkansas, Dept. of Geology, Fayetteville	80505
AS-HDL	American Samoa Health Department Laboratory	9760
ASTM	American Society for Testing and Materials International	
AUS-IAEA	Intl Atomic Energy Agy, Isotope Hyd Sxn, Vienna, Austria	80055
AZ-CAS	Columbia Analytical Services Inc, Phoenix, AZ	
AZ-COPWL	City of Phoenix Water Services Laboratory	
AZ-DEQ	Ariz. Dept. of Environmental Quality	80415
AZ-DWR	Ariz. Dept. of Water Resources	80417
AZ-FOSCR	Friends of the Santa Cruz River, Tubac, AZ	
AZ-HDL	Arizona State Health Department Laboratory	9704
AZ-SRVUA	Salt River Valley Users Association	9802
AZ-TUCSN	City of Tucson, AZ	80410
AZ-UA	University of Arizona	9902
AZ-UAHWR	Univ of AZ (Hyd/Water Res) Aqueous Geochem and Hydrogeo Lab	
AZ-UAMSL	Univ of AZ Physics Dept Accelerator Mass Spectroscopy Lab	
AZGCMRSL	Grand Canyon Monitrg&Res Ctr-Sed lab-USGS-BRD Flagstaff ,AZ	
AZNAUCPL	Colorado Plateau Stable Isotope Lab, No.Az.Univ, Flagstaff	
AZTALPHX	TestAmerica Labs -- Phoenix: Phoenix, AZ	
AZTLITUC	Turner Laboratories, Inc, Tucson, AZ	
CA-2NAT	2nd Nature, Inc, Santa Cruz, CA	80649
CA-ABAG	Association of Bay Area Governments, California	6001
CA-ACFC	Alameda Co. Flood Control and Water Conservation Dist., CA	6003
CA-ACFC7	Alameda Co. Flood Control & Water Conser. Dist, Zone 7, CA	9824
CA-ACWD	Alameda County Water District, CA	9823
CA-ASLP	Analytical Sciences Laboratory, Petaluma, California	
CA-AVEKW	Antelope Valley East Kern Water Agency Laboratory	6022
CA-BLR	Basic Laboratory, Redding, California	
CA-CLSRC	California Laboratory Services, Rancho Cordova, CA	
CA-DFG	California Department of Fish and Game	
CA-DFGL	California Department of Fish and Game Laboratory	
CA-DPR	California Department of Pesticide Regulation	
CA-DWR	California Department of Water Resources	9816
CA-EATF	Eurofins Air Toxics Laboratory, Folsom, CA	
CA-EBERL	Eberline Services, Richmond, California	80643
CA-EBMUD	East Bay Municipal Utility District, Oakland, CA	6006
CA-EBRPD	East Bay Regional Park District, CA	6005
CA-EEALM	Eurofins Eaton Analytical Laboratory, Monrovia, CA	
CA-EMAL	Environmental Micro-Analysis, IEH Lab, Woodland, California	
CA-ESBLR	E.S.Babcock & Sons Laboratory, Riverside, CA	
CA-GGC	Global Geochemistry Corporation, Canoga Park, CA	80642
CA-GM	Graham Matthews & Associates	
CA-GMCSL	Graham Matthews & Assoc, Coarse Sediment Lab, Arcata, CA	
CA-GMGPL	Graham Matthews & Assoc, Granite Peak Lab, Weaverville, CA	
CA-HDL	California State Health Department Laboratory	9706
CA-HSL	High Sierra Lab, Truckee, California	80647
CA-HSWL	High Sierra Water Lab, Tahoe City, California	
CA-LACPW	Los Angeles Cty Dept of Public Works, Los Angeles, CA	
CA-LAETL	LA Cty Ag Comsr/Weights & Meas; Envl Toxicology Lab Svcs	6021
CA-LLNL	Lawrence Livermore National Lab, California	80641
CA-LWA	Larry Walker Associates, Davis, California	
CA-LWTP	City of Livermore Waste Treatment Plant, CA	9826
CA-MAARS	McBain Associates, Applied River Sciences, Arcata, CA	
CA-MAIP	McCampbell Analytical Inc., Pittsburg, California	
CA-MLJEC	Michael L Johnson LLC, Ecosystems Consulting, Davis, CA	
CA-MOJWA	Mojave Water Agency, Apple Valley, CA	
CA-MWDSC	Metropolitan Water District of Southern California	9803
CA-MWHL	Montgomery-Watson-Harza Laboratories, Monrovia, CA	80640
CA-OCWD	Orange County Water District, CA	9817
CA-OCWDL	Orange County Water District Lab, Fountain Valley, CA	
CA-QUANT	Quanterra Environmental Services, West Sacramento, CA	6040
CA-SBL	City of Santa Barbara Laboratory, CA	
CA-SCVWD	Santa Clara Valley Water District, California	6020
CA-SCWA	Sonoma County Water Agency, Santa Rosa, CA	
CA-SDL	City of San Diego Lab, California	80623
CA-SFL	Sierra Foothill Laboratory Inc, Jackson, CA	
CA-SRCSD	Sacramento Regional County Sanitation Dist., Sacramento, CA	
CA-SSWD	Sacramento Suburban Water District, Sacramento, CA	
CA-STLSA	Severn-Trent Laboratory - Los Angeles: Santa Ana, CA	80630
CA-STLSC	Severn-Trent Laboratory - Sacramento: West Sacramento, CA	80620
CA-STPUD	South Tahoe Public Utility District, South Lake Tahoe, CA	
CA-TALIR	TestAmerica Labs - Irvine: Irvine, CA	
CA-TALSA	TestAmerica Labs - Los Angeles: Santa Ana, CA	
CA-TALSC	TestAmerica Labs - Sacramento: West Sacramento, CA	
CA-TATC	TestAmerica Analytical Testing Corporation, Colton, CA	
CA-TRSDL	Truesdail Laboratories, Tustin, CA	
CA-UCB	University of California, Berkeley	80650
CA-UCD	University of California, Davis	80670
CA-UCDAL	Univ of California, Davis - Analytical Laboratory	
CA-UCDIC	Univ of Calif, Davis-IC for Plasma Mass Spectrometry	
CA-UCDML	Univ of Calif, Davis-Mercury Lab, Dept. of Env.Sci.& Policy	
CA-UCDTH	Univ of Calif, Davis, Tahoe Env Research Ctr, Incline, NV	
CA-UCLA	University of California, Los Angeles	80672
CA-UCSD	University of California, San Diego, La Jolla	80671
CA-URS	URS Corporation - Sacramento, CA	
CA-UWCD	United Water Conservation District, Santa Paula CA	6015
CA-VCSD	Valley Community Services District (Livermore), CA	9825
CA-WECK	Weck Laboratories, Inc, City of Industry, CA	
CA-WRDSC	Water Replenishment Dist. of So. California, Lakewood	
CA-WSBBL	City of W. Sacramento Bryte Bend WWTP Lab, California	
CAIIRMES	Inst. Integrated Rsrch Materials, Environ.& Soc. CSU-LB	
CAN-AGAT	AGAT Laboratories, Mississauga, Ontario, Canada	
CAN-AHDL	Alberta Health Department Laboratory	9795
CAN-CRNL	Chalk River Nuclear Laboratories, Chalk River, Canada	89213
CAN-ILUT	Isotrace Laboratory-University of Toronto	
CAN-OHDL	Ontario Health Department Laboratory	9792
CAN-ONAL	Activation Labs, Ltd, Ancaster, Ontario, Canada	89203
CAN-PLLO	PolyAnalytik Laboratory, London, Ontario	
CAN-QHDL	Quebec Health Department Laboratory	9791
CAN-SEWQ	Saskatchewan Environment, Water Quality Br., Regina, Sask.	89401
CAN-SGSL	SGS Canada Laboratory, Lakefield, ON	
CAN-SHDL	Saskatchewan Health Department Laboratory	9794
CAN-UWIL	Univ. of Waterloo, Isotope Lab,Waterloo, Ontario, Canada	92001
CAN-XRAL	XRAL Laboratory Services, Don Mills, Ontario, Canada	89202
CAN-YHDL	Yukon Health Department Laboratory	9797
CANBCHDL	British Columbia Health Department Laboratory	9796
CANBLRC	Bio-limno Research and Consulting,Inc,Halifax, Nova Scotia	
CANECWQB	Environment Canada, Water Quality Br., Burlington, Ontario	89201
CANMAMON	Maxxam Analytics Lab, Mississauga, Ontario	
CANMBEWS	Manitoba Environment, Water Standards Sxn., Winnipeg, Man.	89301
CANMBHDL	Manitoba Health Department Laboratory	9793
CANNBHDL	New Brunswick Health Department Laboratory	9790
CANSGSAA	SGS-Axys Analytical Services, Sidney, BC, Canada	
CANUBCEO	U.British Columbia,Dept of Earth,Ocean,&Atmos Sci Vancouver	
CARWQBCC	Central Coast Regional Water Quality Control Board	
CARWQBNC	North Coast Regional Water Quality Control Board	6010
CARWQBSD	San Diego Regional Water Quality Control Board	
CARWQBSF	San Francisco Bay Regional Water Quality Control Board	
CARWQBVF	Central Valley Regional Water Quality Control Board, Fresno	
CARWQBVR	Central Valley Regional Water Quality Control Board,Redding	
CARWQBVS	Central Valley Regional Water Quality Ctrl Board,Sacramento	
CASRLTPL	City of Santa Rosa Laguna WWTP Laboratory, California	
CAUCDBGL	Univ of Calif, Davis-Biogeochemistry Laboratory	
CAUCDLAW	Univ of Calif, Davis-Dept of Land, Air, Water Resources	
CAUCDSIL	Univ of Calif, Davis-Stable Isotope Laboratory	
CAUCSBNR	Univ of Calif, Santa Barbara-Natural Reserve System	
CEI-HDL	Canton and Enderbury Islands Health Department Laboratory	9762
CH-PIRLB	Physics Inst. Radionuclides Lab, Univ. of Bern, Switzerland	
CO-ACCUL	Acculabs, Inc., Golden, CO	80859
CO-ACZL	ACZ Laboratories, Steamboat Springs, CO	
CO-ALMSW	Accutest Laboratories, Mountain States; Wheat Ridge, CO	
CO-ALSFC	ALS Environmental, Fort Collins, CO	
CO-CAI	Chadwick and Associates, Inc., Littleton, CO	8001
CO-CSEQL	City of Colorado Springs, Environmental Quality Lab	80853
CO-CSUVS	Env.Health Div. Vet.Science College, CSU, Fort Collins, CO	80839
CO-DAVIS	Davis Laboratories, Colorado	80841
CO-DOW	Colorado Division of Wildlife	80810
CO-DRCOG	Denver Regional Council of Government, CO	80843
CO-DWR	Colorado Division of Water Resources	
CO-HDL	Colorado State Health Department Laboratory	9708
CO-HFMAN	Huffman Laboratories, Golden, CO	
CO-MDSL1	Metropolitan Denver Sewage Disposal District Lab. No. 1	80845
CO-MNTLB	Monfort Lab, Monfort Cattle Co., Greeley, CO	
CO-MSIS	Mountain Studies Institute, Silverton, CO	
CO-PMB	Pisces Molecular LLC, Boulder, Colorado	
CO-PRWSG	Pine River Watershed Stakeholders Group, Colorado	80820
CO-QES	Quanterra Environmental Services, Arvada, CO	
CO-RMAL	Rocky Mountain Analytical Laboratory (Arvada, Colorado)	80849
CO-STLDN	Severn-Trent Laboratory, Denver, CO	80855
CO-TALDN	TestAmerica Labs - Denver, Arvada, CO	
CO-TATC	TestAmerica Analytical Testing Corporation, Arvada, CO	
CO-UCCAG	Upper Clear Creek Advisory Group, Idaho Springs, CO	80851
COARVADA	City of Arvada, CO	80801
COCSMDCG	CO School of Mines, Dept of Chem and Geochem, Golden, CO	
COCSUNRE	Natural Resource Ecology Lab, CSU, Ft. Collins, CO	
COCSUSTL	Soils Testing Laboratory, CSU, Ft. Collins, CO	80847
COFTCOLN	City of Fort Collins, CO	80857
CONTRACT	Private contractor	99001
CT-HDL	Connecticut State Health Department Laboratory	9709
CZ-HDL	Canal Zone Health Department Laboratory	9761
DC-EEWQD	Dist of Columbia Energy&Environment Dept, Water Quality Div	
DC-HDL	District of Columbia State Health Department Laboratory	9711
DE-DNREC	DE Dept. Natural Resources and Envl Control, Dover, DE	10003
DE-HDL	Delaware State Health Department Laboratory	9710
DE-UDMS	Univ of Delaware, College of Marine Studies, Lewes,DE	10001
DRILLER	Driller	66666
EHS	Environmental Health Service	915
FBLSCIWI	Lac du Flambeau Band of Lake Superior Chippewa Indians	85546
FL-ASI	Analytical Services, Inc.-Niceville, FL	
FL-BCPCD	Brevard County Pollution Control Department, Florida	9812
FL-CSFCD	Central and Southern Florida Flood Control District	9805
FL-DCERM	Dade County Dept. of Envl Resources Management	12030
FL-EPSL	Engineering Performance Solutions Labs, Gainsville, FL	
FL-FIU	Florida International University, Miami, FL	81233
FL-FSU	Florida State University	9904
FL-GFWFC	Florida Game and Fresh Water Fish Commission	9806
FL-GWCLP	GreenWater Laboratory/Cyano Lab, Palatka, FL	
FL-HCEPC	Hillsborough County Environmental Protection Commission, FL	9818
FL-HDL	Florida State Health Department Laboratory	9712
FL-HRS	Florida Department of Health and Rehabilitative Services	9807
FL-ITTCD	ITT Community Development Corporation, Florida	12007
FL-JACKS	City of Jacksonville, Florida	9809
FL-NWMD	Northwest Florida Water Management District, Quincy, FL	81231
FL-OCPCD	Orange County Pollution Control Department, Florida	9811
FL-PBCE	Palm Beach County Engineer, Florida	12010
FL-PBCHD	Palm Beach County Health Dept., Florida	12020
FL-PC	Florida Department of Pollution Control	9804
FL-QUANT	Quanterra Environmental Services, Tampa, FL	12050
FL-RCID	Reedy Creek Improvement District, Florida	9810
FL-SFWMD	South Florida Water Management District, West Palm Beach FL	81232
FL-SGSEL	SGS Env Health & Safety, Accutest Laboratory, Orlando, FL	
FL-SJWMD	St. Johns Water Management District, Florida	81210
FL-SRWMD	Suwannee River Water Management District, Live Oak, FL	81230
FL-STLPC	Severn-Trent Laboratory - Pensacola: Pensacola, FL	81220
FL-STLTH	Severn-Trent Laboratory - Tallahassee: Tallahassee, FL	81222
FL-SWWMD	Southwest Florida Water Management District	9808
FL-TALLA	City of Tallahassee, Florida	12005
FL-TALPC	TestAmerica Labs - Pensacola: Pensacola, FL	
FL-TALTH	TestAmerica Labs - Tallahassee: Tallahassee, FL	
FL-TAMPA	City of Tampa, Florida	12001
FL-UCF	University of Central Florida	9905
FL-UF	University of Florida	9903
FL-UMH3L	University of Miami, Tritium Laboratory, Miami, FL	12040
FL-UMIAM	University of Miami, Miami, FL	81229
FL-UMSMS	University of Miami-School of Marine Science, Miami, FL	81223
FL-VCEC	Volusia County Environmental Control, FL	81227
FL-VEROB	City of Vero Beach, Florida	12002
FLFSUSIL	Florida State University-Stable Isotope Lab,Tallahassee, FL	
GA-ATLUL	City of Atlanta - Utoy Creek Laboratory	
GA-AUBL	City of Albany Utility Board Laboratory, GA	
GA-HDL	Georgia State Health Department Laboratory	9713
GA-STLSV	Severn-Trent Laboratory - Savannah: Savannah, GA	81320
GA-TALSV	TestAmerica Labs - Savannah: Savannah, GA	
GA-UGAEL	University of Georgia, Ag and Envl Services Laboratory	81330
GASUGERL	GA St Univ, Geosci.Dept. Environment Research Lab., Atlanta	
GER-HILB	Helium Isotope Lab,Univ Bremen, Inst of Env Physcis,Germany	
GER-IKTU	Inst. Kernphysik, Tech Univ, Darmstadt, Germany	80003
GS-NRD	Georgia State Natural Resources Department	81341
GU-HDL	Guam Health Department Laboratory	9766
HACH	Hach, Inc., Loveland, Colorado	
HBMI-ME	Houlton Band of Maliseet Indians, Maine	82303
HI-AECOS	AECOS, Inc Laboratory - Kane'ohe, HI	
HI-BWSHC	Board of Water Supply, City & County of Honolulu, Hawaii	
HI-DOH	Hawaii Department of Health	
HI-FWT	Hawaii Food & Water Testing, Honolulu, HI	
HI-HDL	Hawaii State Health Department Laboratory	9715
HIUHOEST	Univ of HI-School of Ocean and Earth Science and Technology	
HUAL-AZ	Hualapai Tribe, Peach Springs, Arizona	
IA-CRWD	City of Cedar Rapids, Water Division, Iowa	
IA-DEQ	Iowa Department of Environmental Quality	81951
IA-HDL	Iowa State Health Department Laboratory	9719
IA-HL	Iowa State Hygienic Laboratory	81941
IA-UISHL	University of Iowa, State Hygienic Laboratory	9831
IBWC	International Boundary Water Commission	84823
ID-DHW	Idaho Department of Health and Welfare	16002
ID-DHWBL	Idaho Dept. of Health and Welfare, Bureau of Laboratories	81641
ID-DWR	Idaho Department of Water Resources	16001
ID-EAG	Environmental Analysis Group, WINCO, INEL, Idaho Falls, ID	81607
ID-ECL	Environmental Chemistry Lab, E.G.&G., INEL, Idaho Falls, ID	81603
ID-HDL	Idaho State Health Department Laboratory	9716
ID-RESL	Radiological & Env. Sciences Lab, DOE, INEL, Idaho Falls,ID	81601
ID-RML	Radiation Measurements Lab, E.G.&G., INEL, Idaho Falls, ID	81605
ID-UIASL	Univ. of Idaho Analytical Sciences Lab, Moscow, ID	
IDBSUSIL	Stable Isotope Lab, Boise State University	
IL-BNSD	Bloomington Normal Sanitary District, Illinois	81741
IL-CPDGI	Chicago Park District, Office of Green Initiatives	
IL-EHD	City of Evanston, Health Department, Illinois	
IL-EMTL	Environmental Monitoring and Technologies Lab, Morton Grove	
IL-EPA	Illinois Environmental Protection Agency (IEPA)	17002
IL-HDL	Illinois State Health Department Laboratory	9717
IL-ISOTL	Isotech Laboratories, Inc, Champaign, Illinois	
IL-MSDGC	Metropolitan Sanitary Dist. of Greater Chicago(MSD)	17001
IL-STATL	STAT Analysis Corporation Laboratory, Chicago, IL	
IL-STLCH	Severn-Trent Laboratory - Chicago: Chicago, IL	81720
IL-SWS	Illinois State Water Survey (ISWS)	17003
IL-TALCH	TestAmerica Labs - Chicago: University Park, IL	
IL-UC	University of Chicago, Illinois	81777
ILMWRDGC	Metropolitan Water Reclamation District of Greater Chicago	
ILUICIGL	Univ of Illinois at Chicago, Env. Isotope Geochemistry Lab	
IN-BSU	Ball State University, Muncie, Indiana	18008
IN-DEM	Indiana Department of Environmental Management (IDEM)	18002
IN-DEMGW	Indiana Dept. Env. Mgmt., Drinking Water Branch, GW Section	18001
IN-DNR	Indiana Department of Natural Resources (IDNR)	18004
IN-DPW	Indianapolis Department of Public Works, Indiana (IDPW)	18005
IN-ECHDI	East Chicago Health Dept, Inspection Div., East Chicago, IN	
IN-EEASB	Eurofins Eaton Analytical Lab, South Bend, IN	
IN-GS	Indiana Geological Survey (IGS)	18003
IN-HDL	Indiana State Health Department Laboratory	9718
IN-IUB	Indiana University, Bloomington, Indiana	18007
IN-IUPUI	Indiana Univ.- Purdue Univ. at Indianapolis, IN	
IN-PUL	Purdue University, Lafayette, Indiana	18006
IN-SJRBC	St. Joseph River Basin Commission, Indiana	18009
IN-STLVP	Severn-Trent Laboratory - Valparaiso: Valparaiso, IN	81804
IN-TALVP	TestAmerica Labs - Valparaiso: Valparaiso, IN	
IN-ULSB	Underwriters Laboratories - South Bend, IN	
INDIVID	Individual	55555
ISO	International Organization for Standardization	
JA-HDL	Johnston Atoll Health Department Laboratory	9767
KOOTE-ID	Kootenai Tribe of Idaho	
KS-DHE	Kansas State Department of Health and Environment	82041
KS-GS	Kansas State Geological Survey	20001
KS-HDL	Kansas State Health Department Laboratory	9720
KS-JCEL	Johnson County Environmental Laboratory, Lenexa, Kansas	82043
KS-KBS	Kansas State Biological Survey, Lawrence, KS	
KS-LWTD	City of Lawrence, Kansas Water Treatment Division	
KS-TWWL	City of Topeka, Kansas Wastewater Laboratory	20003
KS-WWWL	City of Wichita, Kansas Water and Wastewater Laboratory	20005
KY-BEL	Beckmar Environmental Laboratory, Kentucky	82103
KY-CHR	Kentucky Cabinet of Human Resources	82101
KY-GS	Geological Survey of Kentucky	21001
KY-HDL	Kentucky State Health Department Laboratory	9721
KY-LJCMS	Louisville & Jefferson County Metro Sewer District Lab, KY	85614
LA-ARSPA	ARS International Analytical Services, Port Allen,Louisiana	
LA-GSRI	Louisiana, Gulf South Research Institute	82241
LA-HDL	Louisiana State Health Department Laboratory	9722
LACHAT	Lachat Instruments, Loveland, Colorado	
MA-AAL	Alpha Analytical Laboratory, Westborough, Massachusetts	25009
MA-AALM	Alpha Analytical, Mansfield Laboratory, Massachusetts	
MA-BCHDL	Barnstable County Health Department, Mass.	25001
MA-BLN	Battelle Lab, Norwell, Massachusetts	
MA-HDL	Massachusetts State Health Department Laboratory	9725
MA-STLBI	Severn-Trent Laboratory - Billerica: Billerica, MA	82524
MA-STLW2	Severn-Trent Laboratory - Westfield: Westfield, MA	82522
MA-STLWF	Severn-Trent Laboratory - On-Site Technology: Westfield, MA	82520
MA-TALWF	TestAmerica Labs - Westfield: Westfield, MA	
MA-WHAMS	Natl Ocean Sciences AMS Facility (NOSAMS), Woods Hole, MA	
MA-WHNAF	Woods Hole Oceanographic Inst., Nutrient Analyt Facility,MA	
MA-WHOIB	Biology Department, Woods Hole Oceanographic Inst., MA	25005
MA-WRASD	Mass. WRA, Sewerage Division Central Lab., Winthrop, MA	25007
MACCSHML	Hiebert Marine Lab, Ctr for Coastal Studies,Provincetown,MA	
MD-DNR	Maryland Department of Natural Resources	82430
MD-DOE	Maryland Department of the Environment	82410
MD-GS	Maryland Geologic Survey	82420
MD-HDL	Maryland State Health Department Laboratory	9724
MD-WSSCL	Wshngtn Suburban Sanitary Com Lab Silver Spring MD	
MDUMDCBL	Univ of MD, Ctr for Env Sci, Chesapeake Biological Lab	
MDUMDHPL	Univ of MD, Ctr for Env Sci, Horn Point Lab, Cambridge, MD	
ME-DEP	Maine, Dept. of Environmental Protection	82341
ME-DOC	Maine Department of Conservation	82340
ME-HDL	Maine State Health Department Laboratory	9723
ME-HETL	Maine Health& Environmental TestingLab,HHS-CDC-PHS,Augusta	
ME-UMEL	University of Maine Laboratory, Orono, ME	82301
MEX-BCHD	Baja California Norte Health Department Laboratory	9786
MEX-HDL	Mexico Health Department Laboratory	9780
MEX-NHDL	Nuevo Leon Health Department Laboratory	9782
MEX-SHDL	Sonora Health Department Laboratory	9785
MEX-THDL	Tamaulipas Health Department Laboratory	9781
MEXCHHDL	Chihuahua Health Department Laboratory	9784
MEXCOHDL	Coahuila Health Department Laboratory	9783
MI-DEQ	Michigan Department of Environmental Quality (MDEQ)	
MI-HDL	Michigan State Health Department Laboratory	9726
MI-MCHD	Macomb County Health Department, Michigan	
MI-PTSJ	PhycoTech, St Joseph, MI	26001
MI-RTILI	RTI Laboratories Inc., Livonia, Michigan	
MI-TMTX	Trimatrix Laboratories, Inc, Grand Rapids, MI	
MI-UMML	Michigan State University Microbiology Lab, East Lansing MI	84642
MI-WCHD	Washtenaw County Health Department, Michigan	82641
MIDISHDL	Midway Islands Health Department Laboratory	9771
MIGLECTL	Great Lakes Environmental Ctr Toxicology Lab, Traverse City	
MN-DA	Minnesota Department of Agriculture, St. Paul	
MN-DAKCO	Dakota County, Minnesota	
MN-DNR	MN Department of Natural Resources (DNR), St. Paul, MN	27001
MN-DNRFD	MN DNR, Forestry Division, St. Paul, MN	27004
MN-DNRFW	MN DNR, Fish and Wildlife Division, St. Paul, MN	27003
MN-DNRMD	MN DNR, Minerals Division, St. Paul, MN	27005
MN-DNRWD	MN DNR, Waters Division, St. Paul, MN	27002
MN-DOH	MN Department of Health, Minneapolis, MN	27020
MN-EELD	ERA Environmental Laboratory, Duluth, MN	
MN-GS	MN Geological Survey, St. Paul, MN	27030
MN-LLLA	Long Lost Lake Association, Minnesota	
MN-MVTL	Minnesota Valley Testing Laboratory, New Ulm, MN	
MN-MWCC	Metropolitan Waste Control Commission, St. Paul, MN	27050
MN-NRRI	Natural Resources Research Institute, Duluth, MN	
MN-PCA	MN Pollution Control Agency (PCA), St. Paul, MN	27010
MN-PCAAQ	MN Poll Control Agency (PCA), Air Qual Div, St. Paul, MN	27013
MN-PCAHW	MN Poll Cntrl Agcy (PCA), Solid/Haz Waste Div, St. Paul, MN	27012
MN-PCAWQ	MN Poll Cntrl Agcy (PCA), Water Quality Div, St. Paul, MN	27011
MN-PCHDL	MN Pollution Control Council State Health Department Lab	9727
MN-UM	Univ. of Minnesota, Minneapolis-St. Paul, MN	27035
MN-UMAE	Univ. of MN, Agricultural Engineering, St. Paul, MN	27040
MN-UMEEB	Univ. of MN, Ecol., Evol., and Behavior, St. Paul, MN	27041
MN-UMGFB	Univ. of MN, Gray Freshwater Bio. Inst., Navarre, MN	27038
MN-UMGG	Univ. of MN, Geology and Geophysics, Minneapolis, MN	27036
MN-UMRAL	Univ. of MN, Research Analytical Lab, St. Paul, MN	27037
MN-UMSS	Univ. of MN, Soil Science  St. Paul, MN	27039
MO-DNREQ	Missouri Dept of Natural Resources, Div of Envir. Quality	29001
MO-ESTSJ	Environmental Sampling Technologies, St. Joseph, MO	
MO-HDL	Missouri State Health Department Laboratory	9729
MO-STLSL	Severn-Trent Laboratory - St. Louis: Earth City, MO	82902
MO-TALSL	TestAmerica Labs - St. Louis: Earth City, MO	
MO-UMETS	Univ. of Missouri Environmental Trace Substances Lab	82901
MO-UMLL	Univ. of Missouri Limnology Laboratory, Columbia, MO	
MS-HDL	Mississippi State Health Department Laboratory	9728
MS-MSUCL	Mississippi State Chemical Laboratory, Miss. State Univ.	28004
MS-OG	Office of Geology, Mississippi	28002
MS-OLWR	Office of Land and Water Resources, Mississippi	28003
MS-OPC	Office of Pollution Control, Mississippi	28001
MS-USM	University of Southern Mississippi	82810
MT-ARC	Montana Agricultural Research Center	30040
MT-BMG	Montana Bureau of Mines and Geology	30010
MT-DEQ	Montana Department of Environmental Quality	83011
MT-ELHLN	Energy Laboratories, Inc., Helena, Montana	
MT-FWP	Montana Dept. of Fish Wildlife and Parks	30020
MT-HDL	Montana State Health Department Laboratory	9730
MT-HESWQ	Montana Dept. of Health/Env. Sciences, Water Quality Bureau	30030
MT-PAL	Pace Analytical Services, Billings, Montana	
MT-TMI	Montana Tunnels Mining, Inc., Wickes, MT	30050
MT-UMTCL	Env Bio-Geo Chem Lab, Dept of Geol, U of MT, Missoula, MT	83005
MT-WCI	Water Consulting, Inc., Hamilton, MT	30060
NADP-NTN	NAPD/NTN - Nat.Atmos.Deposition Program/Nat.Trends Network	300
NC-BBWCE	Bogue Banks Water Corporation, Emerald Isle, North Carolina	
NC-CFAWL	Cape Fear Analytical, LLC, Wilmington, NC	
NC-DNER	North Carolina Dept. of Natural and Economic Resources	83741
NC-DWQCL	North Carolina Div of Water Quality Central Lab, Raleigh	
NC-HDL	North Carolina State Health Department Laboratory	9737
NC-MELR	Meritech Environmental Laboratories; Reidsville, NC	
NC-NCIM	Univ of North Carolina, Inst of Marine Sciences Chapel Hill	
NC-SUBAE	North Carolina State Univ, Dept of Bio & Ag Eng, Raleigh NC	
NC-TTL	Tritest, Inc; Raleigh, North Carolina	
NCDUNSEL	Duke Univ, Nicholas School of the Env. Labs, Durham, NC	
NCENRSRL	North Carolina DENR - Shellfish & Sanitation Rec WQ Sxn Lab	83742
NCMCDEHL	Mecklenburg Co. Dept. of Environmental Health Lab, NC	83751
NCSUEATS	North Carolina State Unv, Env & Ag Testing Service, Raleigh	
NCUNCCSI	UNC Coastal Studies Institute Lab., Nags Head, NC	
ND-GS	North Dakota Geological Survey	38001
ND-HD	North Dakota State Health Department	
ND-HDL	North Dakota State Health Department Laboratory	9738
ND-SLAB	North Dakota State Laboratory	83841
ND-WC	North Dakota State Water Commission	38002
NE-CPNRD	Central Platte Natural Resources District, Grand Island, NE	
NE-DEQL	Nebraska Department of Environmental Quality Laboratory	31001
NE-HDL	Nebraska State Health Department Laboratory	9731
NE-HL	Harris Laboratories, Lincoln, Nebraska	83101
NE-LBNRD	Little Blue Natural Resources District, Davenport, NE	
NE-LCNRD	Lewis and Clark Natural Resources District, Harlington, NE	
NE-LENRD	Lower Elkhorn Natural Resources District, Norfolk, NE	
NE-LLNRD	Lower Loup Natural Resources District, Ord, NE	
NE-LNNRD	Lower Niobrara Natural Resources District, Butte, NE	
NE-LRNRD	Lower Republican Natural Resources District, Alma, NE	
NE-MNNRD	Middle Niobrara Natural Resources District, Valentine, NE	
NE-MRNRD	Middle Republican Natural Resources District, Curtis, NE	
NE-MWL	Midwest Laboratories, Inc - Omaha, NE	
NE-NNRD	Nemaha Natural Resources District, Tecumseh, NE	
NE-NPNRD	North Platte Natural Resources District, Gering, NE	
NE-OALI	Olsen's Agricultural Laboratory, Inc., McCook, NE	83105
NE-PMNRD	Papio-Missouri River Natural Resources District, Omaha, NE	
NE-SPNRD	South Platte Natural Resources District, Sydney, NE	
NE-TBNRD	Tri-Basin Natural Resources District, Holdrege, NE	
NE-TPNRD	Twin Platte Natural Resources District, North Platte, NE	
NE-UENRD	Upper Elkhorn Natural Resources District, O'Neil, NE	
NE-ULNRD	Upper Loup Natural Resources District, Thedford, NE	
NE-UNLL	University of Nebraska, Limnology Laboratory, Lincoln, NE	83107
NE-UNWSL	Univ of Nebraska, Water Sciences Lab, Lincoln, NE	83109
NE-URNRD	Upper Republican Natural Resources District, Imperial, NE	
NE-WARDL	Ward Laboratories, Inc - Kearney, NE	
NELBBNRD	Lower Big Blue Natural Resources District, Beatrice, NE	
NELINCLN	City of Lincoln, NE	
NELPNNRD	Lower Platte North Natural Resources District, Wahoo, NE	
NELPSNRD	Lower Platte South Natural Resources District, Lincoln, NE	
NEUBBNRD	Upper Big Blue Natural Resources District, York, NE	
NEUNWNRD	Upper Niobrara-White Natural Resources Dist., Chadron, NE	
NH-HDL	New Hampshire State Health Department Laboratory	9733
NH-PHL	New Hampshire Public Health Laboratories, Concord	
NH-UNHGL	Univ. of New Hampshire Geochemistry Laboratory, Durham	
NH-WSPCL	Water Supply & Pollution Control Comm. Lab., NH	83341
NJ-ACCUL	Accutest Laboratories, Dayton, NJ	34007
NJ-AI	Analab Inc, Edison, NJ	34008
NJ-CMCDH	Cape May County, NJ, Department of Health	34004
NJ-CMCPB	Cape May County, NJ, Planning Board	34005
NJ-DEP	New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection(DEP)	34001
NJ-DEPML	New Jersey, DEP, Bureau of Marine Water Monitoring Lab	34010
NJ-EMSL	EMSL Analytical Services, Westmont, NJ	83481
NJ-HDL	NJ Dpt Hlth&Senior Svcs-Div Pub Hlth&Env Labs-Env&Chem Lab	83441
NJ-QUANT	Quanterra Environmental Services, Summerset, NJ	34006
NJ-RUESD	Rutgers University, Environmental Science Dpt, NJ	83411
NJ-RUSIL	Rutgers University, Geology Dept, Stable Isotope Lab, NJ	83410
NJ-SCHD	Sussex County Health Department, New Jersey	83405
NJ-SGSEL	SGS Env Health & Safety, Accutest Laboratory, Dayton, NJ	
NJ-SHAW	Shaw Environmental & Infrastructure, Inc	
NJ-TII	Teledyne Isotopes, Inc. New Jersey	83401
NJ-WSA	New Jersey Water Supply Authority	34009
NM-HDL	New Mexico State Health Department Laboratory	9735
NM-ISC	New Mexico Interstate Stream Commission	
NM-NMED	New Mexico Environment Department	
NM-NMT	New Mexico Institute of Mining and Technology - Socorro	83523
NM-SWMTL	USBIA Soil, Water, & Material Testing Lab., New Mexico	83542
NM-UNM	University of New Mexico	83541
NMUNMACL	U. of New Mexico,EPS Dept, Analytical Chem Lab, Albuquerque	
NOAA	U.S. National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration	648
NOAAJJHL	NOAA NE Fisheries Sci Ctr, JJ Howard Marine Sciences Lab,NJ	
NON-USGS	Organization other than U.S. Geological Survey	
NV-ASSET	ASSET Laboratories, Las Vegas, NV	
NV-BEH	Nevada Bureau of Environmental Health	32006
NV-BLR	Nevada Bureau of Laboratories and Research	32019
NV-BMG	Nevada Bureau of Mines & Geology	32007
NV-CCCOG	Clark County COG, Nevada	32092
NV-CCDHD	Clark County District Health Department, Nevada	32015
NV-CCPW	Carson City Public Works, Carson City, NV	32021
NV-CHPS	Nevada Consumer Health Protection Service	32012
NV-DACL	Nevada Dept. of Agriculture, Chemistry Lab, Sparks	
NV-DEP	Nevada Division of Environmental Protection	32001
NV-DF	Nevada Division of Forestry	32010
NV-DFG	Nevada Department of Fish & Game	32009
NV-DP	Nevada Division of Parks	32011
NV-DWR	Nevada Division of Water Resources	32003
NV-HDL	Nevada State Health Department Laboratory	9732
NV-LVVWD	Las Vegas Valley Water District, Nevada	32017
NV-MWC	Municipal Water Company, Nevada	32093
NV-NELR	NEL Laboratories, Reno, Nevada	
NV-SEMS	Sierra Environmental Monitoring Service, Nevada	83241
NV-SLTPW	City of South Lake Tahoe, Public Works Dept, Eng. Div.	83210
NV-SPPC	Sierra Pacific Power Co., Nevada	32018
NV-TMWRF	Truckee Meadows Water Reclamation Facility, Reno, NV	32022
NV-UNCA	Univ. of NV, College of Agriculture	32014
NV-UNDRI	Univ. of NV, Desert Research Institute	32013
NV-UNRNR	Univ. of NV, Div. of Renew. Nat. Resources	32005
NV-UNSIL	Univ. of Nevada, Stable Isotope Laboratory, Reno, NV	
NV-WCCOG	Washoe County COG, Nevada	32091
NV-WCDHD	Washoe County District Health Department, Nevada	32016
NV-WCDWR	Washoe County Dept of Water Res, Water Res Planning Div	83220
NV-WCU	Washoe County Utilities, Reno, NV	32020
NV-WETLS	Western Environmental Testing Laboratory, Sparks, NV	
NY-AES	Adirondack Environmental Services, Inc. Albany, NY	
NY-ALSC	Adirondack Lakes Survey Corporation, Ray Brook, NY	
NY-ALSR	ALS Environmental, Rochester, New York	
NY-BTLC	Biotrax Testing Laboratory, Inc., Cheektowaga, NY	
NY-CLW	Converse Laboratories Inc., Watertown, NY	
NY-CSIL	Community Science Institute Laboratory, Ithaca, NY	
NY-CU	Columbia University, New York	83671
NY-CUSIL	Cornell University Stable Isotope Laboratory, Ithaca, NY	
NY-DEPLG	New York City Dept of Env Protection Lab, Grahamsville, NY	
NY-DEPLV	New York City Dept of Env Protection Lab, Valhalla, NY	
NY-DFWI	Darrin Fresh Water Institute, Bolton Landing, New York	83622
NY-DOH	New York Department of Health	36010
NY-EAITH	Environmental Associates, Ithaca, NY	36015
NY-ECALB	New York Dept. of Environmental Conservation, Albany, NY	36012
NY-ECL	Erie County Laboratory, New York	83650
NY-ECWAL	Erie County Water Authority Laboratory, Lackawanna, NY	
NY-ELC	EcoLogic Consultants, LLC, Cazenovia, NY	
NY-FL	Friend Laboratory, Inc., Waverly, New York	
NY-H2MML	H2M Labs, Inc., Melville, New York	
NY-HDL	New York State Health Department Laboratory	9736
NY-IECL	Interstate Environmental Commission Lab, CUNY-Staten Island	
NY-IWFP	City of Ithaca Water Filtration Plant, Ithaca, NY	83641
NY-IWWTP	City of Ithaca Waste Water Treatment Plant, Ithaca, NY	83640
NY-KECK	Keck Foundation Lab, RPI Darrin Fresh Water Inst, Troy, NY	
NY-LDEO	Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory, Palisades, New York	83652
NY-LSLFL	Life Science Laboratories, Inc - Finger Lakes, Wayland, NY	
NY-LSLN	Life Science Laboratories, Inc - North, Waddington, NY	
NY-MBWL	Microbac Lab New York, Waverly, New York	
NY-MCHD	Monroe County Health Department, New York	83611
NY-ML	Onondaga Co.Drain.&Sanit. Lab(Metropolitan Lab)Syracuse, NY	83631
NY-NCDH	Nassau County Department of Health, NY	9819
NY-NCPW	Nassau County Department of Public Works, NY	9829
NY-OCLAL	OCL Analytical Services, Bloomingburg, New York	
NY-OG	O'Brien and Gere Engineers, Syracuse, New York	83621
NY-PAL	Pace Analytical Services, Melville, New York	
NY-PTL	Premium Testing Laboratory, Lisbon, New York	
NY-SCDEC	Suffolk County Department of Envl Control, NY	9821
NY-SCDH	Suffolk County Department of Health, NY	9820
NY-SCWA	Suffolk County Water Authority, NY	9822
NY-SOMAS	Stony Brook University School of Marine and Atmospheric Sci	
NY-SPBL	St. Peter's Bender Laboratory, Env. Lab, Albany, NY	
NY-STLBF	Severn-Trent Laboratory - Buffalo: Amherst, NY	83656
NY-STLNB	Severn-Trent Laboratory - Newburgh, New York	83655
NY-SUCE	Syracuse University, Dept. of Civil Engineering, New York	83630
NY-SUNYC	State University of New York at Cortland, New York	83660
NY-TALBF	TestAmerica Labs - Buffalo: Amherst, NY	
NY-UFI	Upstate Freshwater Institute, New York	83620
NY-UPSTL	Upstate Laboratories, Inc.,  Syracuse, NY	
NY-URRGL	University of Rochester Rare Gas Lab, Rochester, NY	
NY-WAA	Watershed Assessment Associates, LLC, Schenectady, NY	
NYIWWTPL	City of Ithaca Wastewater Treatment Plant Laboratory, NY	9830
NYMCVWTF	Monroe Co. VanLare Wastewater Treatment Facility, Rochester	
NYSESFIL	SUNY-Syracuse,Coll of Env Sci & Forestry,Stable Isotope Lab	
NZ-RRL	Rafter Radiocarbon Lab - Inst of Geol & Nuclear Sciences	
OBSERVER	Observer	99002
OH-AWTP	Alliance Water Treatment Plant, Alliance, Ohio	
OH-BSAES	BSA Environmental Services, Inc. - Beachwood, OH	
OH-CCBH	Cuyahoga County Board of Health, Ohio	39004
OH-CCCHD	Clark County Combined Health District, Ohio	
OH-CSWCD	Clermont Co. Soil & Water Conservation District, Ohio	
OH-CTWSD	Carroll Township Water & Sewer District, Oak Harbor, OH	
OH-CWD	Cadiz Village Water Department, Cadiz, Ohio	
OH-CWQAL	City of Columbus, Water Quality Assurance Laboratory, Ohio	83915
OH-CWTU	City of Celina, Water Treatment Utility, Ohio	
OH-ECHD	Erie County Health Department, Ohio	
OH-EPA	Ohio Environmental Protection Agency, Columbus, Ohio	83905
OH-HCQWL	Heidelberg College QW Lab, Tiffin, Ohio	39001
OH-HDL	Ohio State Health Department Laboratory	9739
OH-LCGDH	Lake County General Health District, Ohio	39003
OH-MEL	MASI Environmental Laboratories, Dublin, Ohio	
OH-MWCD	Muskingum Watershed Conservancy District, Ohio	
OH-MWD	Marblehead Village Water Department, Marblehead, Ohio	
OH-NTLWC	National Testing Laboratory, Water Check Division, Ohio	83901
OH-OCWTP	Ottawa Co. Regional Water Treatment Plant,Port Clinton, OH	
OH-OSUSL	Ohio Sea Grant, State Univ. F.T.Stone Lab, Put-in-Bay, Ohio	
OH-OWTP	Oregon Water Treatment Plant, Oregon, Ohio	
OH-SCHD	Stark County Health Department, Canton, Ohio	
OH-STLCN	Severn-Trent Laboratory - North Canton: North Canton, OH	83920
OH-TALCN	TestAmerica Labs - North Canton: North Canton, OH	
OH-UTLEC	University of Toledo, Lake Erie Center, Oregon, OH	
OHBGSUDC	Bowling Green St. Univ., Chemistry Dept., Bowling Green, OH	
OHLOCGHD	Lorain County General Health District, Ohio	
OHNEORSD	Northeastern Ohio Regional Sewer District, Ohio	39002
OHORSANC	Ohio River Valley Water Sanitation Commission (ORSANCO)	
OK-ACOG	Association of Central Oklahoma Governments	84009
OK-CCOKC	Oklahoma Conservation Commission, Oklahoma City, OK	84015
OK-CORPC	Oklahoma Corporation Commission	84011
OK-DA	Oklahoma State Department of Agriculture	84007
OK-DEQ	Oklahoma Department of Environmental Quality (ODEQ)	84017
OK-GS	Oklahoma Geological Survey, Norman, Oklahoma	84041
OK-HDL	Oklahoma State Health Department Laboratory	9740
OK-HDRL	Oklahoma State Health Department Radiochemistry Laboratory	84005
OK-OSU	Oklahoma State University, Stillwater, Oklahoma	84003
OK-TULSL	City of Tulsa Laboratory, Tulsa, Oklahoma	
OK-WRB	Oklahoma Water Resources Board	84001
OKOKCWWL	City of Oklahoma Water & Wastewater Utilities Env. Lab	
OR-AQAI	Aquatic Analysts, Inc, Milwaukie, OR	
OR-CCAL	Cooperative Chemical Analytical Laboratory, Corvalis, OR	
OR-CTUIR	Confederated Tribes of the Umatilla Indian Reservation, OR	
OR-CWS	Clean Water Services, Hillsboro, OR	
OR-DEQP	Oregon Dept. of Environmental Quality, Portland	
OR-EWEB	Eugene Water and Electric Board, Eugene, Oregon	
OR-HDL	Oregon State Health Department Laboratory	9741
OR-OGI	Oregon Graduate Institute, Beaverton, Oregon	84101
OR-OWRD	Oregon Water Resources Department, Salem	
OR-PAL	Pacific Agricultural Laboratory, Portland, Oregon	
OR-PBWW	City of Portland, Bureau of Water Works	41000
OR-SRWQL	Sprague River Water Quality Laboratory, Chiloquin, OR	
ORPSUESL	Portland State University, Environmental Sciences Lab	
OTHER	Other:Not valid for new data entry	99999
PA-ACHDL	Allegheny County Health Dept Laboratory, Pittsburgh, PA	84217
PA-ALSM	ALS Environmental, Middletown, Pennsylvania	
PA-ANSP	The Academy of Natural Sciences of Philadelphia, PA	42015
PA-AWAL	Altoona Water Authority Laboratory; Altoona, PA	
PA-BGBI	Booth, Garrett, and Blair Inc., Ambler, PA	34003
PA-CCHDL	Chester County Health Department Lab, PA.	84215
PA-DEP	Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection	
PA-DER	Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Resources	9813
PA-DOAL	Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture Laboratory	84210
PA-ECHDL	Erie County Health Department, Erie, Pennsylvania	84218
PA-ELL	Eurofins Lancaster Laboratories, Pennsylvania	
PA-ESLI	Environmental Services Laboratory, Indiana, PA	
PA-FLA	Fairway Laboratories, Altoona, Pennsylvania	
PA-HDL	Pennsylvania State Health Department Laboratory	9742
PA-LL	Lancaster Laboratories, Lancaster, Pennsylvania	84250
PA-MBWRL	Microbac Labortaories, Inc, Warrendale, Pennsylvania	
PA-MICRO	Microseeps, Inc - Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania	
PA-MRLA	Mountain Research Laboratory, Altoona, Pennsylvania	
PA-PAL	Pace Analytical Services, Greensburg, Pennsylvania	
PA-PHIL	City of Philadelphia, PA.	42010
PA-PHILU	City of Philadelphia, PA and USGS	84240
PA-PSH	Penn State Harrisburg, Middletown, PA	42016
PA-PSUP	Penn State Main Campus, University Park, PA	
PA-QUANT	Quanterra Environmental Services, Pittsburgh, PA	42020
PA-RFWI	Roy F. Weston Inc., West Chester, PA	34002
PA-RSCPI	Regional Science Consortium at Presque Isle, Erie, PA	
PA-SAICH	Science Applications International Corp, Harrisburg, PA	
PA-SLW	Seewald Laboratories, Williamsport, Pennsylvania	
PA-STLPT	Severn-Trent Laboratory - Pittsburgh: Pittsburgh, PA	84220
PA-TALPT	TestAmerica Labs - Pittsburgh: Pittsburgh, PA	
PA-VOLUN	Volunteer citizen group, Lancaster, PA	42012
PADCNRPI	PA Dept. of Conservation and Natural Res., Presque Isle	
PR-EQLB	Environmental Quality Laboratories, Inc., Bayamon, PR	
PR-HDL	Puerto Rico Health Department Laboratory	9772
PRIVLAB	Private Laboratory	9801
PUBLIC	Public Entity	84699
QAPROJCT	QA Project	80000
RI-HDL	Rhode Island State Health Department Laboratory	9744
RI-PHWPP	Philip J. Holton Water Purification Plant, Scituate, RI	44001
RYI-SHDL	Ryukyu Islands, Southern Health Department Laboratory	9773
SC-GELAB	GEL Laboratories, Charleston, SC	
SC-HDL	South Carolina State Health Department Laboratory	9745
SC-SRL	Savannah River Lab, South Carolina	84541
SC-WRC	South Carolina Water Resources Commission	84540
SCCCUEQL	Coastal Carolina Univ. Environmental Quality Lab, Conway,SC	
SD-AES	South Dakota Agricultural Experiment Station	46003
SD-CHEM	South Dakota State Chemist	46004
SD-DWR	South Dakota Division of Water Rights	46007
SD-GS	South Dakota Geological Survey, Vermillion, SD	46008
SD-HDL	South Dakota Department of Health	46009
SD-MTLRC	Midcontinent Testing Laboratories, Inc. Rapid City, SD	
SD-RCPWD	Rapid City Public Works Department, South Dakota	
SD-SDSSB	South Dakota State University, Dept. Station Biochemistry	46006
SD-SDSSL	South Dakota State University Soils Laboratory	46001
SD-SMT	South Dakota School of Mines and Technology	46005
SD-WRI	South Dakota Water Resources Institute	46002
SEPA	Southeastern Power Administration	1068
SLT-ND	Spirit Lake Tribe, North Dakota	38004
SRBC	Susquehanna River Basin Commission	42011
SRSTNDSD	Standing Rock Sioux Tribe, ND and SD	
STDMETH	Std Methods Com that approves methods incld in std methods	
STNED-NY	Shinnecock Tribal Nation, Environmental Dept,Southampton,NY	
SWE-RDL	Radioactive Dating Lab, Geol. Survey, Sweden-Frescati	80088
SWPA	Southwestern Power Administration	1072
TN-HDL	Tennessee State Health Department Laboratory	9747
TN-MIL	Microbial Insights Laboratory, Rockford, TN	
TN-PNASC	Pennington and Associates, Cookeville, TN	
TN-STLKX	Severn-Trent Laboratory - Knoxville: Knoxville, TN	84710
TN-TALKX	TestAmerica Labs - Knoxville: Knoxville, TN	
TN-TVA	Tennessee Valley Authority	3315
TN-UREPL	URE Project Laboratory, Oak Ridge, TN	84610
TN-UTK	University of Tennessee at Knoxville	47001
TTPI-HD	Trust Territories of the Pacific Islds Hlth Dept Lab	9775
TX-AMTEL	Texas A&M Univ, Trace Element Research Lab, College Station	48001
TX-BUGD	Baylor University Geosciences Department, Waco, TX	
TX-CEQLA	Texas Commission of Environmental Quality Lab, Austin, TX	
TX-CEQLH	Texas Commission of Environmental Quality Lab, Houston, TX	
TX-ECLPW	Texas Parks and Wildlife-Env Contaminants Lab,San Marcos,TX	
TX-EELCS	Eastex Env Lab, Coldspring, TX	
TX-GBRA	Guadalupe-Blanco River Authority	84833
TX-HDL	Texas State Health Department Laboratory	9748
TX-HPWQL	City of Houston Public Works and Eng Water Quality Lab	
TX-LCRAL	Lower Colorado River Authority Lab, Austin, TX	
TX-NWDLS	North Water District Laboratory Services, The Woodlands, TX	
TX-SGSEL	SGS Environment, Health & Safety Laboratory, Houston, TX	
TX-STLAS	Severn-Trent Laboratory - Austin: Austin, TX	84820
TX-STLCC	Severn-Trent Laboratory - Corpus Christi: Corpus Christi TX	84821
TX-TALAS	TestAmerica Labs - Austin: Austin, TX	
TX-TALCC	TestAmerica Labs - Corpus Christi: Corpus Christi TX	
TX-TRAL	Trinity River Authority Laboratory - Dallas, TX	
TX-TTCL	Texas Tech University-Civil Engineering Laboratory, Lubbock	
TX-UTIL	University of Texas-Isotope Geochemistry Laboratory, Austin	
TX-XENDL	XENCO Laboratories - Dallas, TX	
TXTIAERL	Texas Inst for Applied Envl Research Lab - Stephenville, TX	
UK-UONGL	U. of Oxford, Earth Sciences, Noble Gas Lab, United Kingdom	
US-GSA	U.S. General Services Administration	2300
US-OSW	U.S. Office of Saline Water	1076
USAEC	U.S. Atomic Energy Commission	1800
USAF	U.S. Air Force	701
USARMY	U.S. Army	702
USARS	U.S. Agricultural Research Service	504
USBIA	U.S. Bureau of Indian Affairs	1008
USBLM	U.S. Bureau of Land Management	1004
USBM	U.S. Bureau of Mines	1032
USBOOR	U.S. Bureau of Outdoor Recreation	1016
USBPA	Bonneville Power Administration, U.S. Department of Energy	1064
USBR	U.S. Bureau of Reclamation	1060
USBR-YAO	U.S. Bureau of Reclamation - Yuma Area Office	
USBRBCOO	U.S. Bureau of Reclamation-Boulder Canyon Operations Office	
USBRCOEA	U.S. Bureau of Reclamation - Env Apps and Res, Denver, CO	
USBRLCRL	U.S. Bureau of Reclamation - Lower Colorado Regional Lab	
USBRPNRL	U.S. Bureau of Reclamation - Pac NW Regional Lab Boise, ID	
USBSFW	U.S. Bureau of Sport Fisheries and Wildlife	1050
USCOE	U.S. Corps of Engineers	810
USCOEKSD	Corps of Engineers, Kansas City District, MO	
USCOERDC	Corps of Engineers, Research & Development Ctr,Vicksburg,MS	
USCOETUL	Corps of Engineers, Tulsa District	40810
USDA	Department of Agriculture	500
USDAFFCA	USDA Forest Fire Laboratory, Riverside, CA	
USDE-ANL	US Department of Energy, Argonne National Laboratory, IL	
USDEPNNL	US Dept of Energy, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory,WA	
USDOC	Department of Commerce	600
USDODCIV	Department of Defense - Civil	800
USDOHEW	Department of Health, Education and Welfare	900
USDOI	Department of the Interior	1000
USDOT	Department of Transportation	2100
USEPA	U.S. Environmental Protection Agency	2000
USEPA-R1	USEPA, New England Regional Laboratory, North Chelmsford,MA	2010
USEPA-R2	USEPA, Region 2, Edison, New Jersey	2020
USEPA-R8	USEPA, Region 8, Denver, Colorado	
USEPAECB	USEPA Env Chem Branch Lab, Stennis Space Ctr, MS	
USEPAR9L	USEPA, Region 9 Laboratory, Richmond, California	
USEPARMC	USEPA National Risk Management Research Lab, Cincinnati, OH	
USFDA	U.S. Food and Drug Administration	910
USFS	U.S. Forest Service	596
USFSARML	U.S. Forest Service-Air Resource Mgmt. Lab, Ft.Collins, CO	
USFSFLCO	U.S. Forest Service-Forestry Sci. Lab, Ft. Collins, CO	
USFSHBSL	USFS Hubbard Brook Station, Pierce Lab, North Woodstock, NH	
USFSNRMN	USFS Northern Research, Itasca CC Sci Lab, Grand Rapids, MN	
USFSNRNH	USFS Northern Research, L C Wyman Forest Sci Lab,Durham, NH	
USFWS	U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service	920
USGS	U.S. Geological Survey	
USGS-AKL	USGS-District Water-Quality Lab, Anchorage, Alaska	80213
USGS-ALL	USGS-District Water-Quality Lab, Tuscaloosa, Alabama	80113
USGS-ARL	USGS-District Water-Quality Lab, Little Rock, Arkansas	80513
USGS-AZL	USGS-District Water-Quality Lab, Yuma, Arizona	80413
USGS-BRD	U.S. Geological Survey-Biological Resources Discipline	
USGS-CVO	USGS-Cascades Volcano Obs Sed Analysis Lab, Vancouver, WA	85315
USGS-CWC	USGS - Caribbean Water Science Center	
USGS-DWC	USGS - Dakota Water Science Center	
USGS-GAL	USGS-Atlanta Central Laboratory, GA	80010
USGS-GD	U.S. Geological Survey-Geologic Discipline	
USGS-HIL	USGS-District Water-Quality Lab, Honolulu, Hawaii	81513
USGS-LAL	USGS-District Water-Quality Lab, Baton Rouge, Louisiana	82213
USGS-MDL	USGS-District Water-Quality Lab, Baltimore, Maryland	82440
USGS-MOL	USGS-District Water-Quality Lab, Rolla, Missouri	82913
USGS-NCL	USGS-District Water-Quality Lab, Raleigh, North Carolina	83713
USGS-NEL	USGS Nebraska WSC Water-Quality Lab, Lincoln, NE	83113
USGS-NGL	USGS Noble Gas Lab, Denver Federal Center	
USGS-NJL	USGS New Jersey Water Science Center Laboratory	83413
USGS-NML	USGS-District Water-Quality Lab, Albuquerque, New Mexico	83513
USGS-NYL	USGS-NY WSC Low Ionic Strength Lab,Troy(formerly Albany)	83613
USGS-OGW	USGS - Office of Groundwater	
USGS-OHL	USGS-District Water-Quality Lab, Columbus, Ohio	83913
USGS-OKL	USGS-District Water-Quality Lab, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma	84013
USGS-ORL	USGS-District Water-Quality Lab, Portland, Oregon	84113
USGS-OSW	USGS - Office of Surface Water	
USGS-OWQ	USGS - Office of Water Quality	
USGS-PAL	USGS-District Water-Quality Lab, Harrisburg, Pennsylvania	84213
USGS-PRL	USGS-District Water-Quality Lab, San Juan, Puerto Rico	87213
USGS-UTL	USGS-District Water-Quality Lab, Salt Lake City, Utah	84913
USGS-VAL	USGS-District Water-Quality Lab, Charlottesville, Virginia	85114
USGS-WAL	USGS-District Water-Quality Lab, Tacoma, Washington	85313
USGS-WRD	U.S. Geological Survey-Water Resources Discipline	1028
USGS-WVL	USGS-District Water-Quality Lab, Charleston, WV	85411
USGS-WYL	USGS-District Water-Quality Lab, Cheyenne, Wyoming	85613
USGSAKWC	USGS - Alaska Water Science Center	
USGSALWC	USGS - Alabama Water Science Center	
USGSARWC	USGS - Arkansas Water Science Center	
USGSAZWC	USGS - Arizona Water Science Center	
USGSBGCA	USGS Biogeochemistry Lab, Menlo Park, CA	
USGSBGGD	USGS Geologic Division, Branch of Geochemistry, Arvada, CO	80040
USGSBNAE	USGS Boulder Biogeochem of Nitrogen in Aquatic Environ, CO	
USGSBPGL	USGS Reston Biogeochemical Processes in Groundwater Lab, VA	
USGSBRFR	USGS-BRD-Forest&Rangeland Ecosystem Sci Ctr, Corvallis, OR	
USGSCAL1	USGS-District Water-Quality Lab, Sacramento, California	80613
USGSCAL2	USGS-District Water-Quality Lab, San Diego, California	80618
USGSCAWC	USGS - California Water Science Center	
USGSCERC	USGS Columbia Environmental Science Center, Columbia, MO	
USGSCFVA	USGS-NRP, Chlorofluorocarbon Laboratory, Reston, VA	
USGSCMAL	USGS Crustal Geophysics & Geochem.Ctr.Rsrch ICP Lab, Denver	
USGSCMPL	USGS Central Mineral & Env.Res. Oper. Chem. Lab, Denver, CO	
USGSCOE1	USGS/COE Partnership, Lower Miss.Gulf WSC/New Orleans Dist.	
USGSCORL	USGS CO WSC Water-Quality Research Lab, Denver	
USGSCOWC	USGS - Colorado Water Science Center	
USGSCRCA	USGS Carbon Research Lab, Sacramento, CA	
USGSCRCO	USGS Carbon Research Lab, Boulder, CO	80097
USGSCTWC	USGS - Connecticut Water Science Center	
USGSDAID	USGS USDA-ARS Infectious Disease Lab, IEIDM, Marshfield, WI	
USGSDDEC	USGS Dept of Defense Env Conservation (DODEC) Program	
USGSEHML	USGS Environment&Public Health Microbiology Lab,St.Pete.,FL	
USGSFLDL	USGS-FL WSC Water-Quality Lab, Davie, FL	
USGSFLWC	USGS - Florida Water Science Center	
USGSGAWC	USGS - Georgia Water Science Center	
USGSGDML	USGS (GD) Mineral Resources Program Labs, Denver, CO	
USGSGDRL	USGS (GD) Radioisotope Lab, St. Petersburg, FL	
USGSGEOG	U.S. Geological Survey-Geography Discipline	
USGSGLSC	USGS Great Lakes Science Center, Ann Arbor, MI	
USGSH3CA	USGS Tritium Lab, Menlo Park, CA	
USGSH3VA	USGS-Headquarters Tritium Lab, Reston, Virginia	85113
USGSHRCA	USGS Hydrologic Research Laboratory, California WSC	
USGSIAWC	USGS - Iowa Water Science Center	
USGSICAL	USGS-NRP, IC and Alkalinity at Lkwd;  ICP used at USGSTMCO	
USGSIDWC	USGS - Idaho Water Science Center	
USGSILVA	USGS-NRP, Inorganic Geochemistry Lab, Reston, VA	
USGSILWC	USGS - Illinois Water Science Center	81700
USGSINAL	USGS-Indiana Water Science Center - Algal Biomass Lab	
USGSINWC	USGS - Indiana Water Science Center	
USGSISCA	USGS Isotope Research Lab, Menlo Park, CA	80098
USGSKSWC	USGS - Kansas Water Science Center	
USGSKYWC	USGS - Kentucky Water Science Center	
USGSLAWC	USGS - Louisana Water Science Center	
USGSLSFH	USGS Leetown Sci Ctr, Fish Health Branch, Kearneysville, WV	
USGSMAWC	USGS - Massachusetts-Rhode Island Water Science Center	
USGSMBRL	USGS Michigan Bacteriological Research Laboratory, Lansing	
USGSMDRL	USGS Maryland-Delaware-DC WSC Research Lab, Baltimore	
USGSMDWC	USGS - Maryland-Delaware-District of Columbia WSC	
USGSMEWC	USGS - Maine Water Science Center	
USGSMICA	USGS-NRP, Metals Isotope Research Lab, Menlo Park, CA	
USGSMIWC	USGS - Michigan Water Science Center	
USGSMNWC	USGS - Minnesota Water Science Center	
USGSMOLS	USGS District Water-Quality Lab, Lee's Summit, MO	
USGSMOWC	USGS - Missouri Water Science Center	
USGSMSWC	USGS - Mississippi Water Science Center	
USGSMTWC	USGS - Montana Water Science Center	
USGSNCWC	USGS - North Carolina Water Science Center	
USGSNDWC	USGS - North Dakota Water Science Center	
USGSNEWC	USGS - Nebraska Water Science Center	
USGSNHWC	USGS - New Hampshire-Vermont Water Science Center	
USGSNJWC	USGS - New Jersey Water Science Center	
USGSNMWC	USGS - New Mexico Water Science Center	
USGSNRCA	USGS-National Research Program Lab, Menlo Park, CA	80095
USGSNRCO	USGS-National Research Program Lab, Denver/Boulder, CO	80093
USGSNRVA	USGS-National Research Program Lab, Reston, VA	80090
USGSNVWC	USGS - Nevada Water Science Center	
USGSNWHC	USGS National Wildlife Health Center, Madison, WI	
USGSNWQL	USGS-National Water Quality Lab, Denver, CO	80020
USGSNYWC	USGS - New York Water Science Center	
USGSOCFL	USGS-District Water-Quality Lab, Ocala, Florida	81213
USGSOGCA	USGS-Organic Chemistry Research Lab, Sacramento, CA	
USGSOGKS	USGS-District Res QW Lab, Lawrence,KS(Organic Geochemistry)	82013
USGSOHML	USGS-Ohio Water Microbiology Laboratory, Columbus,OH (OWML)	83914
USGSOHWC	USGS - Ohio Water Science Center	
USGSOKWC	USGS - Oklahoma Water Science Center	
USGSOMCA	USGS Organic Matter Research Lab, California WSC	
USGSORKL	USGS - Oregon WSC Water-Quality Lab, Klamath Falls, OR	
USGSORWC	USGS - Oregon Water Science Center	
USGSPADL	USGS-PA WSC Water-Quality Laboratory, Downingtown, PA	
USGSPAML	USGS Pennsylvania Microbiology Laboratory,New Cumberland,PA	
USGSPAWC	USGS - Pennsylvania Water Science Center	
USGSPIWC	USGS - Pacific Islands Water Science Center	
USGSRLGD	USGS-Geologic Division Radionuclide Lab, Denver, CO	80045
USGSRSTE	USGS-Rsrch Lab, Reston VA, Trace Elmnts Sed Cores-Callendar	
USGSSCWC	USGS - South Carolina Water Science Center	
USGSSDCA	USGS-Sediment Analysis Laboratory, Santa Cruz, California	80615
USGSSDGA	USGS Sediment-partitioning Research Lab, Georgia	81350
USGSSDIA	USGS-Iowa District Sediment Lab, Iowa City, IA	81960
USGSSDKY	USGS-Kentucky District Sediment Lab, Louisville, KY	82105
USGSSDLA	USGS-Sediment Analysis Laboratory, Baton Rouge, Louisiana	82215
USGSSDMO	USGS-Sediment Analysis Laboratory, Rolla, Missouri	82915
USGSSDMT	USGS-Sediment Analysis Laboratory, Helena, Montana	83015
USGSSDNM	USGS District Sediment Laboratory, Albuquerque, New Mexico	83514
USGSSDRL	USGS Sediment Radioisotope Lab, Menlo Park, CA	
USGSSDWC	USGS - South Dakota Water Science Center	
USGSSIRF	Isotope Resrch.Labs(SWIRL), Fort Collins Sci Ctr, Denver	
USGSSIRG	Isotope Resrch.Labs(SWIRL), Geo & Env Change Sci Ctr,Denver	
USGSSIVA	USGS-NRP, Stable Isotope Lab, Reston, VA	
USGSSMRL	USGS Solids/Organic Matter Research Lab, Denver, CO	80096
USGSSRIL	USGS Crustal Geophysics & Geochem.Ctr.Strontium Isotope Lab	
USGSTECO	USGS-NRP, Trace Element Research Lab, Boulder, CO	
USGSTMCO	USGS-NRP, Trace Metals Research Lab, Boulder, CO	
USGSTNWC	USGS - Tennessee Water Science Center	
USGSTXAL	USGS-TX WSC Water-Quality Lab, Austin, TX (KIA ast)	84813
USGSTXFL	USGS-TX WSC Water-Quality Lab, Fort Worth, TX (KIR fwr)	
USGSTXHL	USGS-TX WSC Water-Quality Lab, Houston, TX (KIG hst)	
USGSTXNL	USGS-TX WSC Water-Quality Lab, San Angelo, TX (KIJ ang)	
USGSTXSL	USGS-TX WSC Water-Quality Lab, San Antonio, TX (KIK snt)	
USGSTXWC	USGS - Texas Water Science Center	
USGSTXWL	USGS-TX WSC Water-Quality Lab, Wichita Falls, TX (KIL wch)	
USGSUMES	USGS Upper Midwest Environmental Sci Center, La Crosse, WI	
USGSUTWC	USGS - Utah Water Science Center	
USGSUZCA	USGS-NRP, Unsaturated Zone Flow Lab, Menlo Park, CA	
USGSVAWC	USGS - Virginia Water Science Center	
USGSWAWC	USGS - Washington Water Science Center	
USGSWEBB	USGS, Panola Mountain Research (WEBB) Lab, Georgia	81345
USGSWHCI	USGS Dissolved Carbon Isotope Lab at Woods Hole Ocean.Inst.	
USGSWHMA	USGS, Biology Dept., Woods Hole Oceanographic Ins, MA	80042
USGSWIML	USGS-Wisconsin District Mercury Lab, Madison, WI	85550
USGSWIWC	USGS - Wisconsin Water Science Center	
USGSWVWC	USGS - West Virginia Water Science Center	
USGSWYWC	USGS - Wyoming Water Science Center	
USGSYMPL	USGS Yucca Mountain Project Branch Lab, Denver, CO	
USHHSICA	U.S. Health and Human Services Indian Health Services, CA	80601
USHHSIMT	Billings Area Indian Health Service - Billings, MT	83003
USHHSINY	US Health & Human Services, Indian Health Serv, Manlius, NY	
USHUD	Department of Housing and Urban Development	2500
USMC	U.S. Marines	703
USNASA	U.S. National Aeronautics and Space Administration	2700
USNAVY	U.S. Navy	704
USNBS	U.S. National Bureau of Standards	655
USNIH	U.S. National Institutes of Health	930
USNIHCHD	NIH, Child Health and Human Development E.K.Shriver Inst.	
USNIOSH	National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health	
USNIPCC	U.S. National Industrial Pollution Control Council	642
USNPS	U.S. National Park Service	1053
USNPSNAL	Cape Cod National Seashore - North Atlantic Coastal Lab	
USPHSDIH	U.S. Public Health Service, Division of Indian Health	2555
USPI-HDL	U.S. Miscellaneous Pacific Islands Hlth Dept Laboratory	9777
USSCS	U.S. Soil Conservation Service	520
UT-HDL	Utah State Health Department Laboratory	9749
UT-KEL	Kennecott Environmental Lab, Salt Lake City, UT	49001
UT-UUDGL	University of Utah Dissolved Gas Service Center	
UT-UUHGL	University of Utah Low-Level Mercury Laboratory, UT	
UT-UUMAL	University of Utah Metals Analysis Laboratory, UT	
UT-WLR	Utah Division of Wildlife Resources, Salt Lake City	
VA-CLS	Virginia Division of Consolidated Laboratory Services	85116
VA-FCES	Fairfax County Environmental Services Laboratory, Lorton VA	
VA-FCSPD	Fairfax County Stormwater Planning Division, VA	
VA-GMU	George Mason University, Fairfax, VA	51003
VA-HDL	Virginia State Health Department Laboratory	9751
VA-HRSD	Hampton Roads Sanitation Dist, Cent Envir Lab, Virg Bch, VA	51001
VA-JCSA	James City Service Authority, James City County, VA	85117
VA-JMU	James Madison University, Staunton, VA	51006
VA-UVESL	Univ. of Virginia Dept. of Environmental Sciences Lab	85115
VA-VTOWL	Virginia Tech., Occoquan Watershed Monitoring Laboratory	51005
VI-HDL	Virgin Islands Health Department Laboratory	9778
VT-ABS	Aquatec Biological Sciences, Inc. Williston, Vermont	
VT-ASI	Analytical Services, Inc. - Williston, VT	
VT-DECL	VT Dept of Environmental Conservation Lab, Waterbury, VT	
VT-HDL	Vermont State Health Department Laboratory	9750
VT-STLBL	Severn-Trent Laboratory - Burlington: Colchester, VT	85020
VT-TALBL	TestAmerica Labs - Burlington: South Burlington, VT	
WA-ALSK	ALS Environmental, Kelso, Washington	
WA-AMTI	AM Test Inc., Washington	85341
WA-ARI	Analytical Resources Incorporated, Tukwila, Washington	85345
WA-BALB	Brooks Applied Labs, Bothell, Washington	
WA-BMSL	Battelle Marine Sciences Laboratory, Sequim, WA	
WA-BRL	Brooks Rand Labs, Seattle, WA	
WA-DE	Washington State Dept. of Ecology	85343
WA-EAI	Edge Analytical (MTC), Inc.  Burlington, WA	85348
WA-EEI	Ecology and Environment Inc, Seattle, Washington	85346
WA-FG	Frontier Geosciences, Seattle, WA	85351
WA-HDL	Washington State Health Department Laboratory	9753
WA-IELI	Inland Environmental Laboratory, Inc. Spokane, WA	85350
WA-ITC	International Technology Corporation, Richland, WA	85347
WA-MMS	Municipality of Metropolitan Seattle, Washington	85342
WA-SASI	Sound Analytical Services, Inc. Fife, WA	85349
WA-SHS	Washington State Dept. of Social and Health Services	85344
WA-STLRL	Severn-Trent Laboratory - Richland: Richland, WA	85301
WA-TALRL	TestAmerica Labs - Richland: Richland, WA	
WA-TALST	TestAmerica Labs - Seattle: Bothell, WA	
WA-UWMCL	University of Washington-Marine Chemistry Lab, Seattle, WA	
WA-WSUG	Washington State University, Dept. of Geology	85360
WADOTSML	DOT State Materials Laboratory, Tumwater, Washington	
WAIEHALS	IEH Analytical Laboratory, Seattle, Washington	
WAWSUSIL	Washington St Univ, Stable Isotope Core Laboratory, Pullman	
WI-BLEN	Badger Laboratories & Engineering, Neenah, Wisconsin	
WI-CTLB	CT Laboratories LLC, Baraboo, Wisconsin	
WI-DIWLM	Dane-Iowa Wastewater Plant Laboratory, Mazomanie, WI	
WI-DLLC	Davy Laboratories, Inc. La Crosse, WI	
WI-DNR	Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources	85545
WI-DPH	Madison Department of Public Health, Madison, WI	85548
WI-GBMSD	Green Bay Metropolitan Sewerage Dist. (NEW Water) Lab, WI	
WI-HDL	Wisconsin State Health Department Laboratory	9755
WI-HLA	Hazelton Laboratories America (Madison, Wisconsin)	85544
WI-MAYO	Mayo Clinic, University of Wisconsin	85541
WI-MMSD	Milwaukee Metropolitan Sewerage District, Milwaukee, WI	85547
WI-PAL	Pace Analytical Services, Green Bay, Wisconsin	
WI-RLA	Robert E. Lee and Assoc., Green Bay, WI	85540
WI-SCF	Sand County Foundation, Madison, Wisconsin	
WI-SLH	State Laboratory of Hygiene, Wisconsin	85543
WI-TALWT	TestAmerica Labs - Watertown: Watertown, WI	
WI-UWE	University of Wisconsin Extension	85542
WI-UWLRS	University of Wisconsin at LaCrosse, River Studies Center	85551
WIMADMSD	Madison Metropolitan Sewerage District, Madison, WI	
WIUWMSFS	U. of Wis. Milwaukee, School of Freshwater Sciences Lab	
WK-HDL	Wake Island Health Department Laboratory	9779
WV-HDL	West Virginia State Health Department Laboratory	9754
WVWVUSIL	West Virginia Univ. Stable Isotope Lab, Morgantown, WV	
WY-DA	Wyoming Department of Agriculture	85641
WY-DEQ	Wyoming Department of Environmental Quality, Cheyenne	
WY-GFD	Wyoming Game and Fish Department, Cheyenne	
WY-SHD	Wyoming State Health Department Laboratory	9756
WY-TCD	Teton Conservation District, Jackson, Wyoming	
WY-WID	Willwood Irrigation District, Powell, Wyoming