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Streamflow Method

# National Water Information System
# 2024/07/22
# Date Retrieved: USGS Water Data for the Nation Help System
meth_CD	meth_tp	meth_NM	meth_DS
5s	4s	32s	71s
acous	SWQM	acoustic doppler current profile	
DENS1	SWQM	Constant flow dual orifice	Constant flow dual orifice non-submersible pressure transducer
estim	SWQM	estimated	
mean-	SWQM	mean-section	
none	SWQM	none	
other	SWQM	other	
Q-EST	SWQM	Discharge, estimated	Discharge, estimated
QADCP	SWQM	Disch., meas., ADCP moving boat	Discharge, measured, acoustic doppler current profiler from moving boat
QFLUM	SWQM	Disch., meas., flume	Discharge, measured, flume
QFLWM	SWQM	Discharge, flow meter	Discharge, flow meter
QHFLM	SWQM	Disch,meas,high-precision flume	Discharge, measured, high-precision flume
QHPWR	SWQM	Disch,meas,high-precision weir	Discharge, measured, high-precision weir
QIDIR	SWQM	Disch., meas., indirect	Discharge, measured, indirect method
QSCMM	SWQM	Disch., meas., midsection	Discharge, measured, midsection method
QTOTH	SWQM	Total discharge by vol high prec	Total discharge by volume, high precision
QTOTL	SWQM	Total discharge by volume	Total discharge by volume
QTRAC	SWQM	Disch., meas., tracer dye	Discharge, measured, tracer dye dilution
QUNSP	SWQM	Discharge, Unspecified	Discharge measured with an unspecified method
QVIMG	SWQM	Discharge, image velocimetry	Discharge, image velocimetry
QVOLM	SWQM	Disch., meas., volumetric	Discharge, measured, volumetric
QVRAD	SWQM	Discharge,surface velocity radar	Discharge, surface velocity radar
QWEIR	SWQM	Disch., meas., weir	Discharge, measured, weir
unspe	SWQM	unspecified	
ZEROF	SWQM	Observed Zero Flow	Observed Zero Flow