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Mobile Water Data


  • Private browsing and missing sites.
    • Symptom: Enabling private browsing mode in your browser may introduce problems. This may occur more frequently on Verizon networks and on iPhones. Maps may not show sites and site lists may be inaccurate. This system expects there to be local storage capabilities in the browser and it is used to store site information.
    • Workaround: We believe that these devices have not implemented the HTML 5 local storage requirements correctly and this is causing the problem. Turning off private browsing mode usually solves the issue. If we detect private browsing is enabled, we will provide a pop up requesting you to turn off the feature.
  • Performance of Mobile Water Data may be unstable on Android devices below release 4.x.
    • Symptom(s): Response will vary with device and version on Android, but may include slow display, incomplete display, no or slow response to touch controls, or no response to pinch zoom on map.
    • Workaround: Upgrade Android to newer version if possible. If not, try an alternative to the stock web browser that is supplied with your device.
  • No response when using IE 8 or IE9 desktop browsers.
    • Symptom: The browser appears to hang. You may eventually see a "script on this page is busy" error message.
    • Workaround: Use a different browser like Firefox or Chrome.
  • "No graph found" error message
    • Symptoms: Selecting a USGS parameter for display for a site shows a "no graph found" dialog box. This can happen for two reasons:
      • The data are unavailable for the time period specified. This could happen when there was no data in the last 7 days. This can be confirmed by using the USGS Water Data for the Nation Site and selecting a larger data range.
      • The USGS parameter is served, but the data are not for public display. This is a bug that needs to be fixed.
    • Workarounds: None at this time.
  • Pinch to zoom does not work on devices running Android 4.1 (Jellybean) and 2.3 (Gingerbread)
    • Symptoms: Attempts to pinch to zoom in using the mapper fail if running devices running Android 4.1 and 2.3
    • Workarounds: This is a limitation of these versions of Android. You can still use the + and - buttons on the mapper to zoom in and out