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Water Data for the Nation

Current Known problems being worked on

  • Water Data Summary (WYS) report option not in drop down menu
    • This has been resolved.  A server was taken down without our knowledge that we use for detecting reports before WY2006
    • Short term we have restored a version from 10/24/2014.
    • Long term solution being analyzed.


  • Using IE7 Pro Add on for IE 7
    • Symptom: Tab-delimited (RDB) files can not be downloaded if you are using the full IE7 Pro (professional tools) add-on.
    • Workaround: If you are getting a non-data *.htm file from the selection criteria page then you will need to disable the "Mini Download Manager" in Pro-tools. To disable, from I.E. 7 tools > Pro preference > Module. Uncheck Mini Download Manager and restart Internet Explorer. It is likely that IE 8 Pro-tools will cause a similar problem.


  • Using IE on Current Condition pages
  • Requests for large pages of data with embedded graphs and IE8
    • Symptom: Queries that require large amounts of data and graphs could fail in IE8. Eventually you will get a Javascript error message asking if you want to wait. The query though will probably never complete and may lock your browser. This appears to be due to a limitation on the maximum amount of memory that can be allocated to hold content for a page, and IE8's imperfect ability to handle this condition.
    • Workaround: Use a more modern version of IE or another browser.
  • Using the list of sites from a file option from , no image graphs, rdb or html are produced when requesting greater than 120 days.
    • Symptom: After being redirected to server that has the complete Instantaneous Values record (ie > 120 days of record), the file can not be found and the user is sent back to search page without warning.
    • Workaround: Start the query with the file of sites on and no redirection will need to occur.