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Aug 24, 2009 - Updates to Mapper

  1. Several significant enhancements have been made to the USGS Water Data for the Nation Mapper:
    • Replaced U.S. Board of Geographic Names (GNIS) place name search with Google address searching.
    • Added selections for display of Active and Inactive sites. Available selections now include All, Active, Current Condition, and Inactive sites.
    • Added to List Sites view: Site Types, Count of Sites.
    • Added button to get Keyhole Markup Language (KML) for sites showing on map panel. KML can be saved for use in other applications or directly displayed in Google Earth if user has it loaded.
    • Added button to cancel drawing of sites when time is excessive. List Sites and KML buttons will still return the full group of sites that are within the map panel boundaries.
    • Added contact link for site/data questions.

  2. Bug fixes
    • List Sites did not include collocated sites. This has been fixed.
    • Added check to not display List Sites if no Site Types are checked.