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January 5, 2015


USGS Water Data for the Nation (

  • Integration of new Ground-water Approval Flag and other fields into Graphs and User Interface

The processing of groundwater data has been enhanced to include discrete water-level data aging codes in this release. This includes the ability to distinguish between provisional and approved groundwater-level measurements in graphs and tables. In addition, groundwater data will now include unrounded water-level values and an associated water-level accuracy code, water-level date-time accuracy code, water-level source code, and method of water-level measurement code. This information will display in HTML tables, tab-delimited output, and in the groundwater levels web service.  The default rdb output format for the Groundwater webservice is now 2.0 and you must use format=rdb,1.0 to get the old format.

  • Water Use Data

The Aggregated Water Use Data displays have been updated to include the latest 2010 totals for State, County, and National data.

  • Problem reports fixed
    • Addressed inconsistent wording on surface water introduction page. (PR 19833)
    • Corrected spelling of county name of DeKalb in Georgia (PR 21885)
    • Reference levels are added to the plot only when measured record is shown on IV graphs for less than 120 days.(PR 27582)
    • All references for help should be correctly redirected to (PR 31027)
    • Added the "new" datum LMSL (Local Mean Sea Level) to the graphs and tables related to Groundwater data.(PR 31099)
    • Site Inventory Table Sorter now scrolls correctly with the data below it.(PR 31384)
    • Water Quality data can now be retrieved using IE 10 and a file of one or more parameter codes (PR 31395).
    • Updated Water Year Summary (WYS) functionality to have CLIMATOLOGICAL and ECOLOGICAL manuscript elements associated to parameters(PR 31500)
    • Updated WYS to correctly address Spanish letters in site descriptions (PR 31506).
    • The format of the groundwater level time column in RDB output is consistent now between waterdata and waterservices (hh:mm) (PR 31551).
    • The filter startDt has a min of 1838 yet there are gw records that are older (PR 31555)
    • Updated WYS reports such that Monthly acre-feet (and total) computed / tabled for stage-only (and lake) site(s) (PR 31566)
    • Selecting Water-Year Summary from available data now redirects to WDR server (PR 31580)
    • WYS reports are not generated for sites with provisional data now (PR 31582).
    • Initial selection of water use category is now accepted in any browser (PR 31583).
    • Removed "Take Pride in America" logo on bottom right of all pages - it was a broken link and obsolete (PR 31603)
    • Updated WYS, and revised wording displayed in absence of approved station manuscript elements (PR 31631).
    • Water Use, we have updated references to data from 2005 to 2010 (PR 31632).
    • Updated WYS, fixed empty parens in monthly statistics for seasonal sites (PR 31636)
    • Annual statistics computed for seasonal record (discharge) in Water Year Summary (PR31640).
    • The following real-time parameters can now be selected:
      • 72252 - Physical Solar radiation (average flux density on a horizontal surface during measurement interval), kilowatts per square meter (PR 31629)
      • 32314 - Colored dissolved organic matter (CDOM), water, filtered, field, single band excitation, fluorescence emission, parts per billion quinine sulfate equivalents (ppb QSE) (PR 31592)
      • 00401 - Cations minus anions, water, milliequivalents (PR31646)
      • 32325 - Dark measurement spectral average, water, in situ, ultraviolet nitrate analyzer, raw counts(PR 31648)
      • 32326 - Light measurement spectral average, water, in situ, ultraviolet nitrate analyzer, raw counts(PR 31648)

Help System (

  • New code definitions including water-level method, water-level accuracy, water-level source of information and water-level date accuracy for the integration of ground water approval flag project.

Water Web Services (

  • The site service now allows searching by site name. The match can be exact, from the start of the site name or a match on any part of the site name based on the siteNameMatchOperator argument. A major filter is still required due to the unacceptably high number of partial matches that could occur with a nationwide search.
  • The site service no longer accepts time as part of the startDt and endDt URL arguments. (PR 26660)
  • Header comments embedded in tab-delimited (RDB) files for the site service now match equivalent queries in the USGS Water Data for the Nation site. (PR 25729)
  • The instantaneous value service was not reporting the time zone with each instantaneous value. This has been fixed. (PR 30392)
  • The IV and DV services now offer format output for Excel (PR 23526).) The Excel option is only available with the list of sites option with the IV/DV services and only for up to 10 sites.
  • The Groundwater webservice has been modified to deliver all data elements added by the groundwater approval flag project.
  • The default rdb output format for the Groundwater webservice is now 2.0 and you must use format=rdb,1.0 to get the old format.

Mapper (

  • New symbology added to Mapper to discern co-located sites (PR 25187).