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July 24, 2012 - My USGS Water Data requirements solicited

The USGS frequently hears from the public that the USGS Water Data for the Nation site ( should be tailored to show only sites and parameters of personal interest. The idea is that a user would select those sites and parameters that interest them. Then the next time the user visits the site he or she would see information about their sites. The full web site would remain available for those who prefer open browsing of USGS water data.

While this was considered in the past, federal privacy regulations forbid it. This policy has now changed, so an experience like this can be offered.
A project to accomplish this will be proposed in September to the user group that decides features for the site. We are interested in your thoughts and ideas about what would be most useful in a "My USGS Water Data" site, with an emphasis on how sites and their data should be organized on such a page. What kind of information about a site is most useful? A graph of current conditions? Just the most recent measurements at a site?
If you have thoughts on this topic, please reply to Common themes will be used to create requirements that we hope will be broadly useful to our users.