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November 2010

There are no major functionality changes in this release, however there are a few bug fixes and minor usability enhancements.

Water Web Services - (

  • Javascript Object Notation (JSON) is now available as an output format from the Instantaneous Values web service. If this format is selected, the current version of WaterML is translated into a JSON structure.
  • Content is now declared as UTF-8 instead of ISO-8859-1.
  • A USGS Water Services News Feed is available. Subscribe to it for the latest USGS Water Services news.
  • Water services documentation has been edited for clarity, to hide infrequently needed help text and to provide examples of using the Instantaneous Values web service as a Web 2.0 application.
  • Instantaneous Values tab-separated output no longer displays records with just dates and times when there are no data values.

USGS Water Data for the Nation - (

  • Functionality
    • Streamflow percentiles displayed below instantaneous value streamflow graphs are now 25 and 75 instead of 20 and 80.
    • A consistent return message is displayed when no results are returned for water quality searches.
    • Partial dates for groundwater levels are now displayed correctly within HTML tables.
    • A direct link to the USGS Wateralert system now allows users to quickly set an alert to obtain the site and parameters in which they are interested.
    • New current conditione parameters are added. See our parameter code lookup page for full information on parameters.
      • 72159 - Evapotranspiration, mm/day
      • 72200 - Evaporation per recording interval, millimeters
      • 82072 - Dial reading, number
  • Documentation
    • Improved routing of feedback so that if users are at the national level and have a data questions the email requests goes directly to the Water Science Center best able to respond.
    • A link to the DOI Disclaimer is now available on all site map pages.
    • A link to special water data tips is now available in the lower right footer on all web pages.
    • Updated the About us page with newer technical information about this system.
    • Updated Automated Retrieval Information page to address format changes and provide details on the USGS multi-year strategy for water web services.