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November 2011

USGS Water Data for the Nation (

    • Show sites on map. With this release you can use the search interface to refine a list of specific sites that interest you, then show their locations on a map. Currently Google Maps is being used to display site locations. Simply select the "Show sites on map" radio button for the output format, then submit the form.
    • General Functionality
      • Corrected text to not imply statistics are available for February 30.
      • Updated documentation to show all columns output in the tab-separated format for field measurements.
      • Parameter Groundwater level relative to Mean Sea Level (MSL), feet (72150) is now listed in the Water Level/Flow category when selecting a current condition parameter to display.
      • Added parameter code 50012, Compaction, aquifer system, feet.
      • Added parameter code 72213, Turbidity, water, unfiltered, monochrome near infra-red LED light, 780-900 nm, detector angles at 90 +/- 2.5 degrees and 30 +/- 15 degrees, ratiometric, FBRU

      Web services

      • The USGS has retired all services that were formally on domain. Please use the newer services instead. Links to and pages for interim water services have been removed.
      • No web services have been changed. However, numerous errors have been corrected in the documentation. Some of the changes:
        • A USGS parameter code field was inadvertently left in the Site Service Test tool. This feature is not ready yet, so the field was removed from the tool.
        • There was confusion between USGS parameters and URL parameters. To reduce confusion, URL parameters (key/value pairs) are now referred to as arguments.
        • When using a web service test tool, the "Run Generated URL" button now shows the content in a separate window.
      • Product showcase has been updated with additional applications.
      • Corrected ancillary text in some of the sample applications.
      • Web 2.0 example on the water services main page has been improved.

      NWIS Mapper

      • Modified NWIS Mapper to use expanded Site Web Service to retrieve site information.
        • New Functions: Use of the expanded Site Service provides selection of sites by type of data collected, including:
          • Any data
          • Current conditions (current condition or most recent data and values for up to the last 120 days)
          • Instantaneous data (historical)
          • Daily data (summary for a particular day such as maximum, minimum and mean)
          • Peak data
          • Surface-water measurements
          • Groundwater measurements
          • Water-quality samples
          • Annual data report is available online (one or more since 2006)
        • Added direct link to current condition data page when a current condition site is selected on the map.
        • Enhanced Navigation:
          • Removed current condition sites from Include menu because current conditions is a data type and is included there.
          • Added URL argument to allow input of default site mapping group.
          • Moved glaciers from Surface Water to Other Sites mapping group.
          • Simplified list of selectable areas to just U.S. States and territories. Other areas can still be viewed using the Enter a Place or Address control.
          • Modified layout of header navigation to avoid conflict with browser window resizing.
        • Documentation:
          • Added links to help for site mapping groups.
          • Renamed Instructions to Help.
          • Updated Help.
          • Moved Disclaimer link from header bar to below map.
          • Renamed USGS topographic map base to Topo to eliminate confusion that service is supplied by USGS. The topographic map base is supplied by a commercial source.
          • Added disclaimer to warn users that topographic map base is not available for all areas.
          • Added notice that the map will only show sites for which location coordinates are available and pointed users to NWIS Web Interface to obtain available water data for any sites.
          • Added warning message if user tries to select Inactive sites with current condition data, which is an illogical combination.