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How do I access current conditions groundwater data?

How to download current condition groundwater data:

Step 1

Start at the USGS Water Data for the Nation homepage at:

Step 2

Click on the blue Groundwater button.

Step 3

Click on the blue Current conditions data button.

Step 4

This will take you to a default list of all current condition Groundwater sites in the United States that have data in the three most common parameter codes – Depth to water level, feet below LSD; Elevation, feet, above NGVD; Groundwater level above NAVD, feet. The list is grouped by State, and includes the Station Number, Station name, most recent value, and Date/Time. Scroll through the list and find the station you are interested in and click on the Station Number to go to that site's station page.  In this example we will check out Alaska’s current condition groundwater site (611725149335401):

Step 5

This will take you to the station page with graphs of the previous seven days of each available parameter.  You can customize your retrieval by choosing from the available Output formats & number of days (up to 120 days).

Examples of output options:

Congratulations on retrieving your data!  Here are a few examples of the output options.  For more information on retrieving data and the different output options you can check out: A Primer on Downloading Data

  • A graph (with or without statistics and measurements),

  • A table of data

  • Tab-separated file (with or without discrete measurements) that can be imported to an analysis program, such as Excel, Access, or S-Plus.