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Parameter Groups

The definition of parameter groups was a collaborative effort between USGS and USEPA. Some parameter groups have few or no entries stored by USGS, although these groups are used by USEPA.

Code  Description
ALL   All - include all parameter groups
INF   Information
PHY   Physical
INM   Inorganics, Major, Metals
INN   Inorganics, Major Non-metals
NUT   Nutrient
MBI   Microbiological
BIO   Biological
IMM   Inorganics, Minor, metals
IMN   Inorganics, Minor, Non-metals
TOX   Toxicity
OPE   Organics, pesticide
OPF   Organics, PFAS
OPC   Organics, PCBs
OOT   Organics, other
RAD   Radiochemistry
ISO   Stable Isotopes
SED   Sediment
POP   Population/Community
OTH   Other
HAB   Habitat