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Water Level method codes (siwlmt.edi)

Code indicating how the water level was measured.

Code  Description
A     Airline          Airline measurement.
B     Analog           Analog or graphic recorder.
C     Calib. airline   Calibrated airline measurement.
E     Estimated        Estimated.
F     Transducer       Transducer.
G     Pressure-gage    Pressure-gage measurement.
H     Calib.Pres.Gage  Calibrated pressure-gage measurement.
L     Geophysical log  Interpreted from geophysical logs.
M     Manometer        Manometer measurement.
N     Nonrec. gage     Nonrecording gage.
O     Observed         Observed.
P     Acoustic Pulse   Acoustic Pulse measurement
R     Reported         Reported, method not known.
S     Steel tape       Steel-tape measurement.
T     Electric tape    Electric-tape measurement.
V     Calib.Elec.Tape  Calibrated electric-tape measurement.
W     Calib.Elec.Cable Calibrated electric cable.
X     Uncal.Elec.Cable Uncalibrated electric cable.
Z     Other            Other.