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Social media, apps and widgets

What social media do you support?

Through the AddThis plug-in, we support sharing data graphs via email, Twitter, Facebook and other social media.  When sending graphs via email, to and from recipients need to be included.

Do you provide water "widgets" similar to sites like and

In general, this site is oriented around providing USGS water data. Users are invited to create any widgets or similar services they wish using data on this site, since the data are in the public domain.

The USGS has a number of communities which help interpret the data on this site. More information is available on the USGS Water site. Some may provide services like widgets in the future.

Do you have any apps for smartphones?

A mobile-friendly version of this available at It highlights finding current condition data near the location of your mobile device. While it is optimized to accommodate smaller screens, it is not be an "app" in that it is not specifically written for a mobile operating system like iOS, Blackberry or Android. However, there are a number of third party apps that use data from this site or the USGS Water Services site in our showcase. These apps are developed outside of the USGS so the USGS cannot vouch for their integrity. Some app publishers may require you purchase the app.

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