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Groundwater Daily Data


What are Daily Data?

Daily data are derived by summarizing time-series data for each day for the period of record. The time-series data used to derive daily values, sometimes referred to as current condition or instantaneous values may be collected as often as every minute. These data are used to calculate daily data, such as the daily mean, median, maximum, minimum, and/or other derived values. Daily data include approved, quality-assured data that may be published, and provisional data, whose accuracy has not been verified.

General steps to retrieve Groundwater Daily Data

Retrieving daily data is a multi-step process. The general steps are summarized here. These steps permit users to control the amount and types of data that are retrieved. A more detailed example and explanation follows.
  1. Choose Site Selection Criteria – Identify the site-selection criteria that will be used to search for sites; for example, to obtain a particular Site type and County, check the Site type and County boxes.
  2. Define the specific Site Selection Criteria – Define specific choices for site selection criteria. For example, if “County” were selected as a criterion, specify the desired county name(s).
  3. Choose the Output format – Output options include either summaries or actual data for selected sites.
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