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April 2011

  • Fixed a bug in the water quality data displays that did not show a sample if results were not available.
  • Outputs now correctly filter data to show that the user requested a minimum number of observations.
  • Surface water site counts for measurements are now displayed. Fixed an incomplete sentence in the site inventory criteria message.
  • The values for labeling the scale on the secondary y axis (right side of plot) are now correctly calculated for field water-level measurements in Hawaiian local elevation datum.
  • User requests for a specific time period to display daily values (like 30 days) now result in graphs that include only that time period. Improved date validation has been implemented when users specify a time period to display daily value data.
  • Fixed bug in the groundwater level and peak graphs that was affecting partial dates. If the month is not known, January is assumed. If the day in the month is not known, the first of the month is assumed.
  • Corrected the field measurement tab separated output to have a tab separating the measurement_dt and tz_cd instead of a space.